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McCrea, Walter Jackson, 1876-1946

Walter Jackson McCrea fonds. -- 1892-1947. -- 50 cm of textual records and graphic material. -- Three accruals.

Box 1

First accrual
Correspondence to Walter McCrea (a.k.a.McRaye)
B.A.B. Brea, November 18, 1929, T.L.S.
William Jennings Bryan, November 9, 1908, T.L.S.
Canadian Literature Club, October 21, 1945, T.L.S.
 J.J. Garrick, December 29, 1943, A.L.S.
A.C. Casselman, January 17, 1930, T.L.S.
Hector Charlesworth, March 11, 1936, T.L.
Hector Charlesworth, June 23, 1945, T.L.S.
Philip Child, December 8, 1945, A.L.S.
W.A. Deacon, September 14, 1993, A.L.S.
W.A. Deacon, September 19, 1933, T.L.S.
W.A. Deacon, November 14, 1933, T.L.S.
W.A. Deacon, August 23, 1943, A.L.S.
Daphne Du Maurier, January 14, 1937, A.L.S.
C. Gordonsmith, September 23, 1930, T.L.S.
Ernest Fewster, February 14, 1929, A.L.S.
Ernest Fewster, May 12, 1930, A.L.S.
Ernest Fewster, September 10, 1930, A.L.S.
J.D.L. Forster, July 15, 1929, A.L.S.

L.M. Gordon, June 7, 1926, A.L.S.
Seymour Halpern, March 1, 1944, T.L.S.
W.H. Drummond, June 16, 1902, A.L.S.
Frances Harrison (Seranus), June 10, 1933, A.L.S.
Mariel Jenkins, [n.d.], A.Pc.
Amabel King, September 29, 1944, T.L.S.
Amabel King, Christmas 1944, Pc.S.
Gilbert Knox, [n.d.], T.L.
Stephen Leacock, July 15, 1938, A.L.S.

McClelland and Stewart, March 13, 1936, T.L.
Lionel [W. Makovski], November 24, 1930, T.L.S.
Cecile and Marko Markowitz, January 18, 1938, A.L.S.
Cecile and Marko Markowitz, July 27, 1938, T.L.S.
Charles Mair, June 25, 1913, A.L.S.
Frank Oliver, March 24, 1930, T.L.S.
Frank Oliver, May 2, 1930, T.L.S.
“Patty Perkins”, March 18, 1940, T.L.
Charles G.D. Roberts, December 25, 1931, Pc.S.
All A.L.S.:
Charles G.D. Roberts, November 24, 1929
Charles G.D. Roberts, October 28, 1930
Charles G.D. Roberts, December 2, 1930
Charles G.D. Roberts, March 27, 1931
Charles G.D. Roberts, November 15, 1931
Charles G.D. Roberts, July 14, 1932
Charles G.D. Roberts, July 23, 1935
Charles G.D. Roberts, September 17, 1935
Charles G.D. Roberts, November 29, 1939
Charles G.D. Roberts, March 24, 1940
Charles G.D. Roberts, November 19, 1942
All T.L.:
The Ryerson Press, March 2, 1945
The Ryerson Press (Lorne Pierce), December 15, 1944
The Ryerson Press (Lorne Pierce), January 28, 1943

F. 4
Duncan Campbell Scott, January 24, 1939, A.L.S.
Duncan Campbell Scott, April 7, 1943, A.L.S.
F.G. Scott, February 27, 1930, A.L.S.
F.G. Scott, January 15, 1931, A.L.S.
Ernest Thompson Seton, April 30, 1913, A.L.S.
Ernest Thompson Seton, June 1, 1919, A.L.S.
Ernest Thompson Seton, [n.d.] [incomplete], A.L.S.
F.G. Spencer, May 12, 1930, T.L.S.
A.M. Stephen, December 19, 1931, T.L.S.
Arthur Stringer, May 14, [n.d.], T.L.S.
Arthur Stringer, [n.d.], Pc.S.
Arthur Stringer, February 24, 1941, T.L.S.
Arthur Stringer, December 25, 1945, Pc.S.
Arthur Stringer, January 14, 1946, T.L.S.
P. Alma Swann, May 29, 1944, T.L.S.
Kathryn Munro Tupper, January 15, 1946, T.L.S.
F.C. Whitehouse, February 28, 1936, A.L.
A. [Witgress?], December 20, 1929, T.L.S.
A. [Witgress?] , December 27, 1929, T.L.S.
E.W. Wilson, July 10, 1906, A.L.S.

Correspondence re tours, 12 pieces [n.d.], 1906, 1937, 1939, 1945

Correspondence to W. McRaye, miscellaneous and unidentified, 6 pieces

Moved to Pauline Johnson archive.

Correspondence addressed to A.E. Wetherald:
Bliss Carman, November 1, 1893, A.L.S.
K.K. Kernighan, [n.d. ], A.L.S.
A. Lampman, March 3, 1896, A.L.S.
Bernard McEvoy, March 12, 1903, A.Pc.S
Marjorie L.C. Pickthall, November 11, 1908, A.L.S.
Charles G.D. Roberts, December 14, 1892, A.L.S.
Duncan Campbell Scott, December 17, 1892, A.L.S.

Miscellaneous correspondence not addressed to Walter McRaye:
Frank W. Gunsaulus to Mrs. Cairnduff, November 22, 1906, A.L.S.
Hiram [Corson?] to Council of the University of Manitoba, July 23, 1909, A.L.S.
Martin Harvey to Professor Crawford, April 23, 1914, A.L.S.
Dora P. [Morrison?] to O.H.Sr.G. [Arison?], November 18, 1915, A.Pc.S.
Martin Harvey to Professor Crawford, March 26, 1921, T.L.S.
Mary [ ] to.A.E. Smythe, p.m. April 17, 1925, A.Pc.S.
Lorne Pierce to [A.E.] Smythe, June 22, 1925, A.L.S.
Lorne Pierce to [A.E.] Smythe, August 24, 1925, A.L.S.
[Bertha Gainer] to [Gert], February 13, 1942, A.L.S.
Bliss Carman to Charles G.D. Roberts, June 24, 1928, A.L.S. Originally pasted inside front cover of Low Tide on Grand Pre.

F.10 Menu card signed by Bliss Carman, Robert Logan, Charles W. Gordon (Ralph Connor), and Charles G.D. Roberts

“Ballad of a Poet’s Heart”. Ts. poem, autographed by Nathaniel A. Benson. 2 pp.
“Ode for Dominion Day”. Ts. poem, autographed, 1 p.

F.12 “The Birth of Christ”. Carbon ts. poem, autographed by Bliss Carman, June 1926, 1 p.

F.13 “Dandelions” ts. poem, autographed by Ernest Fewster, 1 p.

F.14 Moved to Pauline Johnson archive

Archibald Lampman
“April Voices” poem, 1 p. presented to W. McRaye by Duncan Campbell Scott, July 23, 1929
“The Truth” ms. poem in hand of W. McRaye

W.D. Lighthall
A.L.S. to Modern Printing Co., May 9, 1910
The Governance of Empire”, ms. title-page, 1 p.; ms. preface, 1p.; carbon ts., annotated, 6 pp.

Lucy Betty McRaye
“Tares” ts. poem, [n.d.] , 1 p.
“Daphne” ts. poem from Smart Set June 1912, 1 p.
“In Lavender” ts. poem, from Smart Set, June 1913, 1 p.
“The Wheatlands” ts. poem, from Maclean’s Magazine, 1914, 1 p.
“The Homing Heart” ts. poem, from Overland Monthly, August 1915, 1 p.
2 printed excerpts from magazines

Marjorie L.C. Pickthall
“The Bridegroom of Canada” ms. poem, signed by the author, 2 pp.
“When Winter Comes” ts. poem, signed by the author, 1 p. and photograph

Charles G.D. Roberts
“Bat, Bat, come under my hat” ms. poem, signed by the author, 1 p.
“Taormina” carbon ts, signed by the author, 1 p. (also printed copy from Dalhousie Review October 1931, presented to W. McRaye by the author, December 17, 1932)
“Vagrant of Time” ts. poem, signed by the author, presented to W. McRaye February 26, 1927, 3 pp.
King’s College Record, 57, no. 394, (October 1935) Roberts number. Presented to W. McRaye by the author.

F.R. Scott
“Canadian Authors Meet”ts. poem, 1 p.
“Tourist Time”ts. poem, 1 p.

F. 21 Albert E.S. Smythe. “Roses and Rhymes” ms. book of poems, 94 pp.

F.22 Arthur Stringer. “Falcon at Innisfray” ts. poem, presented to W. McRaye by the author, 3 pp.

F.23 Walter McRaye. Sergeant Kate ts. ms. 5 p.

F.24 Poems--28 pp. by various authors copied by McRaye or unidentified

“An American Conference” annotated carbon ts., 3 pp.
“Lord Byron’s Letter” annotated carbon ts., 3 pp.
“Eight Victorians” review of book by F.L. Lucas. ts., 1 p.
also 7 pp. of miscellaneous tss.

F.26 Moved to Pauline Johnson archive

F.27 Clippings--Walter McRaye

F.28 Clippings--Pauline Johnson

F.29 Clippings--Canadian authors

F.30 Clippings--Patty Perkins Club

F.31 Clippings--conscription

F.32 Clippings--miscellaneous

1) Charles G.D. Roberts - presented by the author to Walter McRaye, October 3, 1935
2) North West Mounted Police dog train, Le Pas, showing Walter McRaye in sleigh
3) Garden party at the home of Louis Blake Duff, given for Miss Wetherald. Most of the guests are writers.
4) “Love from Lie and Dick to cousin Pearl, June 24th, 1947”
5) unidentified, 2 women
6) unidentified, 1 woman (Montminy et Cie, Quebec)

Dust Jackets

Box 2
Notice of ordination 1787.
McMaster University Literary Society Annual Dinner, December 17, 1903--programme
Two invoices, 1906

Photograph album, black cover. Contains autographs cut from letters
Scrapbook “Walter McRaye - Writer, Traveller and Entertainer”. Contains newspaper clippings and the following correspondence:
[p. 3] T.L.S. from W.L. MacKenzie King, February 4, 1930
[p. 22] T.L.S. from Frank Oliver, March 18, 1930
[p. 23] A.Pc.S. from Wilson MacDonald, December 31, 1935
[p. 31] T.L.S. from Charles McCullough, December 3, 1937
5 miscellaneous pamphlets

Box 3
Second accrual:
Scrapbook of news clippings relating to the career and appearances of Walter McRaye. The clippings date from the period 1921 to 1939, with many loosely inserted in the back of the book. There is also an interleaved black and white photograph which may be of McRaye. (Accession 63-1995)

Third accrual: (location at the end of box 1)
Autograph letter, undated, postmark 1913, signed by Walter McCrea (McRaye) to "Ellen", consisting of a brief biography of Pauline Johnson. (Accession 15-2004)

Fourth accrual: (location at the end of box 2)
Letter and 2 post cards to Jean Deane, 1905-06 (Accession 71-2010)

Fifth Accrual: (location at the end of box 2)
Correspondence and ephemera
To Lionel Curran. 4 MS pages, 1 TS page, and a programme. (Accession 2013-008).

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