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League for Socialist Action
Revolutionary Workers League
Communist League of Canada
and related organizations collection

Box 1
F.1	Dissent, 1966-1968
F.2	Canada-Vietnam newsletter, 1966-1968
F.3	L.S.A., 1963-1965, leaflets
F.4	L.S.A., 1968-1970
F.5	L.S.A./Youth Socialist Forum, notices and miscellaneous statements, 1968
F.6	L.S.A. notices, 1968
F.7	L.S.A. leaflets, 1969

Box 2
F.1	L.S.A. leaflets, 1968-1970
F.2	L.S.A. leaflets, 1968-1970
F.3	L.S.A. leaflets, 1978-1979
F.4	L.S.A. leaflets, 1979-1981
F.5	L.S.A. leaflets, 1980-1981
F.6	L.S.A. leaflets, 1980-1981

Box 3
F.1	L.S.A. leaflets, 1982-1983
F.2	L.S.A. leaflets, 1983
F.3	Correspondence, John Riddell, 1982

Box 4

League for Socialist Action and New Democratic Party League for Socialist Action 
pamphlets including:
F.1	What the League for Socialist Action is, and what it stands for, Toronto, 1961.
	The N.D.P., The Marxist View, Toronto, 1973
	(both with contributions by Ross Dowson) and other pamphlets.

F.2 	L.S.A.
	Announcements of meetings, 1971, 1973.
	Leaflets "Programme to fight inflation"
	"Joan Campana for mayor"

F.3 	L.S.A.
	Submission to the 1973 L.S.A. -L.S.O. Convention on Women's Liberation by P. Schulz, Feb. 19, 1973.

F.4 	L.S.O. (Quebec wing of L.S.A.) 
	Bulletin Interieur, Jan. 1966.

F.5 	L.S.A.
	Internal Bulletin, 3 issues, all May 1966.

F.6 	L.S.A.
	Submissions to the 1966 Convention:
	"The Reconquest of Quebec" (2 copies)
	"On LSA./LSO Relations"
	"Proposed Constitution of the Canadian Section" (2 copies)

F.7 	L.S.A.
	Youth Discussion Bulletins. June 1965 (2 copies), July 1965 (2 copies) 
	April 1966 and May 1966.

F.8 	L.S.A.
	Young Socialists-various leaflets, pamphlets and circulars, late 1960s 
        to early 1970s.	(for L.S.A. -Y.S. activities see also Toronto University)

F.9 	Toronto Women's Caucus
	Critique of activities of L.S.A. -Y.S., duplicated typescript, 5pp.

F.10	Young New Democrats
	"Elect an N.D.P. Government, end the War in Vietnam" (2 copies)
	"Why we are marching", March 26, 1966.

F.11 	Y .N .D .
	Notices announcing forthcoming meetings [all 1971].

F.12 	N.D.P. Socialist Caucus
	Reprints of Tommy Douglas' speech, May 28,1965 (3 copies)
	"Speech from the Throne" (by hypothetical N.D.P. Prime Minister) - undated

F.13	N.D.P. Socialist Caucus Bulletin	
	no.1 	Sept. 1965
	no.2 	Nov. 1965
	no.3 	Jan.1966
	no.4 	March (?) 1966

F.14 	Y.S.F. [Young Socialist Front?]
	Reprints from the works of Marx and Trotsky, classroom instruction outlines, discussion topics [1960s?]

F.15 	N.D.P. Left Caucus
	Pamphlet, What is Socialism?, 1965 
	Left Caucus Newsletter, April 1973

F.16 	N.D.P. Left Caucus
	Leaflets, organizational and programmatic resolutions and circular 
        Revolutionary Party, Revolutionary Programme [Left Caucus?] by Bob Mills 
        [Left Caucus?]

F.17 	N.D.P. Left Caucus
	Forward -N.D.P. Manifestos, 1975
	Advertising leaflet, 1974

F.18 	Young New Democrats (Y.N.D., N.D.Y.) Metro Area Council
	Includes copies of correspondence with and submissions to Toronto Board of Control, 1965.	
        Minutes of resolutions passed at meetings, 1965-66, and Constitution.

F.19 	Y.N.D.
	Leaflets, brochures and cuttings including pamphlet published by expelled youth, May 1963.

F.20 	Y.N.D. -Metro Area Council
	Membership lists, c.1964-5

F.21 	Y.N.D. -Left Caucus
	Submission to the executive (2 copies) and notice of meeting [1965?]

F.22	Socialist League [former L.S.A. group opposed to R.M.G. extremism and in favour of retaining N.D.P. membership].
	Circulars, pamphlets and notices of meetings, 1974 and undated, including one for York University.

F.23 	Labour Party Tendency [Founded 1970, L.S.A. group supportive but not within N.D.P.].
	Position paper.

F.24 	N.D.P. -St. Patrick Riding Association
	Agenda and Procedures, Nov. 15, 1972 meeting, annotated.

F.25 	N.D.P. of Ontario
	Draft Resolutions and Resolutions, Nov.-Dec. 1972

Box 5
Revolutionary Marxist Group

F.l 	Revolutionary Communist Tendency (later merges into R.M.G.) R.C.T. platform, 1973
	Policy statement-annotated photocopy
	Questions and reply (by Walter Davis) concerning R.C.T. policies - annotated photocopies.

F.2 	Revolutionary Marxist Group (and Red Forum)
	Notices of meetings [all 1974]

F.3 	R.M.G.
	Two general pamphlets [the rest have been sorted according to subject and are contained in the folders following this one].

F.4 	R.M.G. - African Liberation
	Two leaflets which include references to revolution in the Caribbean.

F.5 	R.M.G. - Argentina
	One leaflet

F.6 	R.M.G. - Artistic Woodwork
	Various reports on R.M.G. activities during the strike and	supportive leaflet

F.7 	R.M.G. - B.C. Militant, Dec. `75 issue.

F.8 	R.M.G. - Brazilian Trade Tour, Committee Against "Stop the Tour" leaflets, 1974.

F.9 	R.M.G. - C.S.A.O. strike
	Leaflet "Vote No"
	Leaflet "Reject the Government offer" -3 copies

F.l0 	R.M.G. -Central Committee Plenum, Aug. 1974
	Minutes and appendices

F.11	R.M.G. - Chile, 1974
	Leaflets, news release and open letter

F.12 	R.M.G. - Chile
	Pamphlet, with introduction by Walter Davis: Predictions of the Founders of Marxism by Luis Vitale, 1974 edition

F.13 	R.M.G. - Class Struggle Tendency
	Convention submission, 1973

F.14	 R.M.G. Conference Documents
	Second Conference, Toronto 1974
	#1 Political Background and Milieu Report
	#2 Tasks and Perspectives
	#3 Organization of Toronto RMG (2 copies)

F.15 	R.M.G. - Education [see also Toronto and York University files below] 
	One leaflet "Stop the Cutbacks"

F.16 	R.M.G. - Gay Liberation
	Motions presented to Toronto branch meeting, June 18, 1975

F.17 	R.M.G. - Greece, 1974
	One leaflet

F.18 	R.M.G. - Indochinese Revolution, 1974
	Two leaflets

F.19 	R.M.G. - Old Mole
	Promotional leaflet for the publication

F.20 	R.M.G. - O.F.L. Convention Brochure

F.21 	R.M.G. - International Marxist Group
	Open letter to I.M.G. by Walter Davis, July 31, 1972, photocopy

F.22 	R.M.G. - Portugal
	One leaflet

F.23 	R.M.G. - Post Office, June 1974
	Shop Steward election leaflet by R.M.G. member Tom Heffernan

F.24	 R.M.G. - Postal Militant Bulletin, no.1, August 1974

F.25 	R.M.G. -Racism/Fascism
	Leaflets, 1975

F.26 	Revolutionary Marxism -R.M.G. pamphlet

F.27 	R.M.G. -Spartacist Debate Proposal, 1974 [see Spartacist response, F.37] 
	Circular: Spartacist League: Anatomy of a Sect, June 1974

F.28 	R.M.G. - Toronto Organization, 1974
	Two discussion papers

F.29 	R.M.G. - Toronto University
	Leaflet [1974]

F.30 	R.M.G. -Winnipeg
	Revolutionary Strategy in the Advanced Capitalist Countries,  Winnipeg branch booklet

F.31 	R.M.G. - Women's Liberation
	Leaflets [1975] and position papers

F.32 	R.M.G. -York University
	Leaflets [1971], election circulars, proposals

F.33 	R.M.G. publication Jailbreak, Oct. 1974

F.34 	Bolshevik -Leninist Tendency
	[founded by a founding member of R.M.G.]
	Leaflet 5 April 1975,
	Policy Statement [c.1970], 33pp.

F.35 	Red Circle [branch of R.M.G.]
	Position Paper, 1971

F.36 	Toronto University
	Pamphlets and statements including:
	"Free Speech" by Wayne Roberts & Alice Klein (S.D.S. and Socialist League)
	U. of T. Young Socialists, 1971
	"Racism" [1974]
	"Cuban Revolution" , 1965

Publications Received: (1) From Other Trotskyist Groups

F.37 	F.C.A.O. (Federation of Workers Alliance Committees, Quebec) [c.1970] 
	Position Paper on workers' movement in Quebec, 60 pp.
	Statement of F.R.A.P. (Front d'Action Politique) in Quebec, [c.1973].

F.38 	Socialist Pamphlets and leaflets, no organization named including:
	1) Better Housing
	2) Postal Workers
	3) Green Lake Day [1977]
	4) Polish Workers
	5) Cuban Politics
	6) "Who does the Government serve?" [c.1976]
	7) O.F.L. Convention resolution proposal

F.39 	Socialist Vanguard League

F.40 	Spartacist League
	Reply to R.M.G. [see F.25] April 5, 1974
	Issue of Spartacist, May 1, 1975

F.41 	Vietnam Mobilization Committee
	Leaflets protesting the war and Canada's involvement in it, 1971
	[and others undated].

Publications Received: (2) From American Left and Canadian Labour Organizations

F.42 	Students for a Democratic Society
	Paper The Power of the Poor, W.C. Haggstrom [c.1963]

F.43 	S.W.P. [American Trotskyists] discussion paper

F.44 	Student (?) publication, "Inflation, Who Gets the Biggest Cut?"

F.45 	Resolution for presentation to O.F.L. Conference on inflation

F.46 	U.S.W.A. -speech to national policy conference, Montreal, May 1973

Box 6
International Socialists
["conditional and critical support of N.D.P.", established Feb. 1975]

F.l 	National Bulletin of the Independent Socialists (for members only):
	#1 - June 1, 1975 (2 copies)
	#2 - August 1, 1975
	#3 - September 9, 1975
	#4 - October (?) , 1975
	#5 - November/December (?) , 1975 (2 copies)
	#7 - February 1976
	#8 - March 1976
	#11 - May 1976

F.2 	Executive and National Committee Reports -Tasks and Perspectives 
	Documents: [1975/76]
	Three versions of "Tasks and Perspectives"
	One sheet of proposed amendments
	"Organizing I.S. work -N.C. Perspectives Document

F.3 	Industrialization Statements:
	"Industrial Perspectives"
	"On Industrialization"
	"National Industrialization Priorities"

F.4 	Two drafts of statement on National Committee slate

F.5 	National Committee Document on Quebec

F.6 	National Auto Campaign Report, January 20,1976

F.7 	National Committee Document on Immigration and Racism

F.8 	Revolutionary Socialist Programme, signed policy statement
	[written before formation of I.S.?]

F.9	Open Letters
	1) To the Executive Committee of the Canadian I.S. from Marilee 
           Paulson, March 26,1976.
	2) To "comrades in the Canadian I.S.", joint letter of 
           resignation (3 copies).
	3) To "those who have resigned from I.S." from the Executive Committ

F.10 	"Perspectives on I.S."
	Critique of I.S. policy by three Hamilton dissidents, Dec. 19,1975, 42 pp. 
	A reply to the critique.
	Expulsion of the dissidents-executive committee statement [1976]

F.11 	Executive Committee Convention Documents [1976] 
	1) "Tasks and perspectives for Independent Socialists"
	2) "The Women's Question: The I.S. Perspective"
	3) "Industrial Perspectives for I.S."

F.12 	First I.S. Convention Material [1976]:
	Convention Announcement
	Convention Agenda (2 copies)
	Revised Convention Agenda
	Information sheet (2 copies)
	Rules of Procedure
	Expenditure sheet
	Childcare Information

F.13 	I.S. Constitution, January 1976 and
	proposed changes and amendments

F.14 	Special Convention Bulletins and Reports:
	Bulletin #1, I.S. Perspectives on the N.D.P.
	Bulletin #2, Contains various amendments
	Bulletin #3, Amendments, Housing Information, Revised Agenda
	Post Convention Report
	Post Convention N.C. meeting agenda

F.15 	Hamilton [see also F.10 above]

F.16 	Kingston

F.17 	Saskatoon

F.18 	Toronto, including: 
	"Circular regarding delegates' slate to 1976 Convention" (2 copies) 
	"Open letter to the Toronto Branch" from Abbie B. for the leadership
	"A response to A.B.'s open letter"
	Executive Reports to the Toronto Branch [1976] [2 reports; there are  2 copies of one]
	Draft job description for branch training/education organizer, Mar. l, 1975 
	Re-organizing the Toronto Branch [1976]
	Toronto East Agenda, Feb. 15, 1976
	Branch Expenditures form

F.19 	Toronto:
	Announcements of educational seminars

F.20 	Vancouver

F.21 	Meetings Announcements (Hamilton and Toronto)

F.22 	Fund raising appeal leaflet (Toronto) [1975]

F.23 	Militant Worker [publication and revolutionary group]
	Tasks and Perspectives - draft position paper
	Tasks and Perspectives - shortened, final version, June 29, 1976
	Two leaflets advertising Militant Worker

F.24 	Workers' Action, newspaper of the International Socialists, Advertising leaflets and policy statements

F.25 	Workers'Action Pamphlets,
	Five publications, all undated [c.1976]

F.26 	Waffle Pamphlet and Policy Statements [c.1975]
	Most discuss the relationship of the independent Waffle with the N.D.P

F.27 	Bell Canada
	I.S. protest leaflet [1975]

F.28	Canada Packers
	Newsletter, 7 issues [1975-1976]

F.29 	C.U.P.E.
	I.S. protest leaflet

F.30 	Hospital Workers
	" Various leaflets and newsletters 1975 and 1976

F.31 	I.W.A.
	I.S. protest leaflet

F.32 	National Steel Car
	On The Line (Newsletter), 2 copies
	Three leaflets

F.33 	Neilson's I.S. protest leaflets

F.34 	Portugal and Chile Solidarity leaflets, 1975-76

F.35 	Postal Workers Solidarity leaflet, Vancouver

F.36 	Republica do Trabalhador,
	I.S. Portuguese language newspaper, Nov. 1975

F.37 	S.E.I.U.
	I.S. protest leaflet

F.38 	Stelco
	I.S. protest leaflet [1975?]

F.39 	United Auto Workers
	Workers' Action protest leaflet and
	Network promotional leaflet [1976]

F.40 	Wage Controls
	Three I.S. leaflets

F.41 	Women's Caucus
	Position paper "The Women's Question: The I.S. Perspective", 
	Perspectives and strategy papers,
	Open letter and meetings announcements, 1975-76

F.42 	York University
	"Analysis of Student Elections by the Independent Socialist Workshop"

F.43 	Arabic (?) I.S. leaflets

F.44	 Union Leaflets
	Three protest leaflets -no union identification [1975-6]

F.45 	I.S. in Canada,
	A report by Barry G. of the American International Socialists to the U.S. Executive 
        Committee following a tour of Canada, July 29, 1975,  photocopy, 8 pp.

F.46 	TLs to Don [Lake] from Jeff [        ]. [From U.S. office?], 5 May 1975

F.47 	U.S. International Socialists Convention Agenda [1973?]

F.48 	London Library Employees' Union (C.U.P.E.) Newsletter and leaflet 
	[appear not to be by I.S.]

F.49 	Articles extracted from International Internal Discussion Bulletin (Publication of 
        the United Secretariat of the Fourth International) [See complete issues in serials collection],
        and some holograph notes on the articles.

F.50 	Various Socialist Periodicals (random issues) and publications:

	Against Sectarianism, Sheir, Levi & Jennings, Toronto, [n.d.]
	Bulletin of the Liaison Committee for Reconstruction of the 4th International in Canada, 
        1973 and 1974 (2 issues)
	Immigration, Toronto, [n.d.]
	Intercontinental Press, Documents, July 1969
	International Socialist Review, August 1973
	The New Stage in Canada-U.S. Relations, Toronto, [n.d.]
	On the Labour Party, Marx & Engels, Toronto, [n.d.]
	(Societe d'Edition, Librairie, Informations Ouvrieres, France, [n.d.])
	 The Tasks of Rebuilding the Fourth International, [no place or date of publication]

The following leaflets and periodicals were not received with the above collection but have been 
added here because of their similar content:

F.51 	"U.S. Out of Vietnam Now", Canadian Party of Labour [April 1972], 2 pp. 
	"International S.D.S. Demonstration"[April 1972], 2 pp.
	"Long Live the Spirit of Norman Bethune"[Nov.1971], 2 pp.
	Mass Line, Journal of the Communist Party of Canada(M-L), July 251971,
	together with Constitution of the Communist Party of Canada (M-L), as 
	adopted in May 1971.

	People's Canada Daily News, 2 issues, Nov.26 1971 & Jan.1 1972 

American Publications

	Students and Revolution, Progressive Labour Party Pamphlet, New York [1972]

	Common Sense - America's Newspaper Against Communism, Issue no. 408,
	June 1,1963.

Box 7 (Accession 42-2004)

F.1-5 Announcement leaflets issued on behalf of the Militant Labour Forum regarding
Toronto meetings, 2000-2004. The Forum appears to have been part of the LSA.
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