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Raymond Knister fonds. Second accrual

Box 11:
Longer Prose Fiction
F.1      The Cab Driver. Ts, light revisions. 118 pp. + 3 miscellaneous pp.
F.2      Group Portrait. HMs, light revisions. 12 pp.
F.3      Group Portrait. Ts, some carbon. 12 pp. + 32 pp. of disconnected passages.
F.4      Soil for Smoke. Ts, revised. 278 pp. Also titled “Beginning of the End” and “Clapboards and Paint. “ Versos contain much of “Group Portrait” [ts (c)] .
F.5      White Narcissus. HM, light revisions. 82 pp. (pp. 81-163 only).
F.6      White Narcissus. Ts, light revisions. 8 pp. (disconnected).

Short Prose Fiction
F.7      “Banking Hours.” Ts (car), pp. 2 ,4, 7 only.
F.8      “Beginning of the End.” Ts (car), pp. 6-8 only.
F.9      “Canvasser Spellbound.” Ts, light revisions. 3 pp.
F.10    “Changed Threshing.” Ts ( car), pp. 2-6 only.
F.11    “Christmas at Corncob Corners.” Ts (car), pp.2-5 only.
F.12    “Dear Awakening.” Ts, revised. 11 pp. (part of Back Concessions on versos).
F.13    “The Fate of Mrs. Lucier.” Ts, revised. 10 pp. (part of Back Concessions on versos). “The Fate of Mrs. Lucier.” Ts, revised (different version), 16 pp. (part of Back Concessions on versos).
F.14    “The First Day of Spring.” Ts (car), 10 pp. (pp. 4 and 5 in 2 copies).
F.15    “Gas.” Ts, revised, 23 pp. (Changes title to “Practical Man’s Wife” at p. 10. Part of Back Concessions and The Happy Family on versos.)
F.16    “Grapes.” Ts, revised, 10 pp. (incomplete). (Part of Back Concessions on versos.) “Grapes.” Ts (car), 40 pp. “Grapes.” Ts, revised, 11 pp.“Grapes.” Ts (car), 13 pp. “Grapes.” Ts (car), light revisions, 12 pp.
F.17    “Husking Corn.” Ts ( car), pp. 5 and 8 only.
F.18    “Indian Summer.” Ts (car), 26 pp. (p.22 missing). Also called “The Cup and The Lip.”
F.19    “The Judgment of Her Peers.” Ts (car), 12 pp. (p. 1 missing).
F.20    “Lapsed Crisis.” HMs , revised, 27 pp. (part of “The Loading” on versos) .
F.21    “A Misunderstanding.” Ts (car) , 4 pp.
F.22    “No Consideration.” Ts (car), pp. 11-14 only.
F.23    “North Fellers.” Ts, 4 pp. + carbon of p. 1.
F.24    “The One Thing.” HMs , 28 pp. (pp .11 and 12 missing. “The Loading “ on versos).
F.25    “Parting.” Ts , 5 pp .
F.26    “Rear Road.” Ts, 17 pp. (entitled “The Lady of the House” on p. l only).
F.27    “Runaway; A Tableau of a Village.” Ts (car), 4 pp. (p.3 .missing). “Sidewalks of Toronto” and other sketches. Ts, revised, 13 pp.
F.29    “Sky Jumper.” Ts, 26 pp.
F.30    “Stuart’s Wife.” Ts (car), l8 pp.

F.31“The Haunted House..” HM (2 versions)
“Wind's Way. “ Ts
“ ‘Serene, mounting...’” Ts
“For One Quick.” HM (letter from The Nation on verso)
“The Longest Evening.” HM
“Sea-Blue Eyes.” HM (3 versions) (part of “The Poetical Works of Wilfred Campbell” on verso)
“The Life in Letters.” TM (car)
“In a Conservatory .” TM
“Flower Sale.” TM
“Speculation in a Flower-Market TM
“A Row of Stalls.” TM, some carbons, 7 pp .
“Lachrymae Rerum.” TMs (car) (on back: “First poem, Raymond Knister 1917")
“Liberty Nut-cracker No. 2” TM (car)
“Plow Man's Song.” TM
“‘Here on the quiet upland’” HM
“East Side.” TM
“Spring-Flooded Ditches.” HM
“Night Walk.” TM
“Dog and Cat.” TM
2 title-pages for Windfalls for Cider Miscellaneous Pieces
F.32    “A Brush with Quebec Law.” Ts (car), pp. 2-4 only.
F.33    “Canadian Letter.” Ts (car), pp. 8-11 only.
F.34    “Foreword.” Ts (car), pp. 1-2 only.
F.35    “In the Heart of the Canadian Rockies.” Ts (car), 9 pp.
F.36    “On a Method of Cure for Speech Defects.” Ts (car), pp. 1-3 only.
F.37    “Pelee Island.” TM , revised, p. 2 only.
F.38    “The Poetical Works of Wilfred Campbell.” Ts (car), l6 pp.
F.39    Two reviews. “Two Big Novels.” TM (car) , p. 2 only. (Burke Bl14) .
“[Carmus and Others].” HMs, pp. 2-3 only (Burke B18l).
F.40    “The Window Seat.” Ts, revised, 3 pp. (incomplete).
F.41    Biographical notes for Canadian Short Stories. Ts, l2 pp.
F.42    Fragments. Ts and ms, l2 pp.

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