Fonds Description

Crombie family fonds. – 1760-2002. – 8.35 m of textual records and graphic material.

Series 1:
Cradock family. – 1760-1917. – 62 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of the series. – Series consists of correspondence , legal, military and financial material, poems, essays, stories, journals, diaries, recipies and genealogy. Organization is alphabetical by the first name of the Cradock family member.

Agnes Georgina Cradock was born 19 July 1839 in Hamilton, Ontario and died 23 February 1916 in Ontario. Her brother, Richard Hedges Cradock (2nd), born 21 October 1815 in Dublin, Ireland, settled near Ancaster, Ontario, on a farm which he called Millbrook. Her father, Adam Williamson Cradock, (circa 1780-circa 1865) who spent many years in military service (15th Regiment of Foot) as well as some time in Canada, died in Dublin after marrying 3 times: his wives were Honoria Stubbs Slaney (married 28 October 1805, d.1812), Sarah Atkinson (married 1 December 1814) and Georgina Browne. Richard was Sarah’s son and Agnes was the daughter of Georgina. Adam Williamson’s father (Agnes’s paternal grandfather) was Richard Hedges Cradock (1st) who served in the 41st Regiment in America, Spain, Portugal, France and the West Indies and married Cassandra Delimerst of Dublin on 9 February 1767.

Note: for more Agnes correspondence, see also Agnes Georgina Atkins and Agnes Georgina Wood.

Box 1
Adam Williamson Cradock (1780s? -1866)
F.1 1800-1819, 14 items, including correspondence from Erasmus Cope Browne (uncle), military discharge papers, certificates for 2 marriages (1805, 1814). Also letters by Adam to Honoria, his first wife, two from her, letters to and from her brother Moreton Slaney, , one from his mother Cassandra. Adam is generally stationed in the West Indies – the family letters are written from the Isle of Wight, Birmingham and Dublin.
See also commission dated 1812, Box 29, F.9 below.

F.2 1820-1845, 21 items, including letter from Adam’s 2nd wife, military letter giving him permission to settle in Canada (1835), certification that A.W. Cradock has taken the Oath of Allegiance, Toronto, 1835, an anonymous letter of advice to Mrs. Cradock (1838), receipt for passage for four to New York from Liverpool (1838), letters from Eugene McConnin [?], husband of Julia (sister of 3rd wife Georgina), letter from Julia to Agnes, unfinished letter to Julia, notice of Captain Cradock decling a knighthood (1841), handwritten will of Adam, leaving his property in Upper Canada (Millbrook) to his son, Richard Hedges Cradock, and a legacy to Agnes Georgina, written in Dublin, 1841, further letter from Eugene McConnin referring to quarrel between Adam and his son and behaviour of Adam’s wife, memo regarding the accusations in the letter (1846) and response.
F.3 1846-1859, 24 items including letter to Eugene McConnin, letters from 3rd wife Georgina, list of Adam’s military appointments and rate of pay, share certificates, letters from Agnes to her father.
F.4 1860-1866, 21 items, including letters from wife Georgina, daughter Agnes and son in law Henry Archdall Wood, stock certificates and other financial documents (including legal action against his son in law) and copy of his will, dated 11 January 1866.
F.5 Undated, 10 items including letters from Agnes, one from E.L. Perceval, Miss Pentland, invitations and empty envelopes
Agnes Georgina Cradock (1844-1861)
(see also Atkins and Wood) [Agnes is in Dublin during this period].

F.6 1844-1857, 23 items, including letters from Sidney Fitzpatrick, Aunt Mary Durham, brother Richard H. Cradock, mother Georgina, father Adam; also extract from “Pocket Diary 1856" [by Agnes?].
F.7 1858-1859, 31 items, including valentines, letter from Mary Fitzpatrick, Florence Cahill, mother, Henry Archdall Wood, Mme E.L. Perceval, Julia McConnin (to mother Georgina), invitation, Eliza, Louisa Fitzpatrick and W. Routh Fitzpatrick (with poems), Carrie McC[?], father Adam to mother Georgina.
F.8 1860, January-June, 24 items, including valentines, letters from brother Richard, tickets of admission to Royal Dublin Society School of Art, W.R. Fitzpatrick, Henry A. Wood.
F.9 1860, July-August, 18 items, two from W.R. Fitzpatrick, the rest from Henry A. Wood.
F.10 1860, September, 18 items, two from W.R. Fitzpatrick, one including romantic verses, the rest from Henry A. Wood
F.11 1860, October, 23 items, all from Henry A. Wood
F.12 1860, November-December, 22 items, most from Henry A. Wood; includes record of Agnes’s confirmation
F.13 1860, December 9-31,18 items, most from Henry A. Wood; others include (brother) Richard H. Cradock, (father) Adam W. Cradock to Richard, Eliza and Aunt Anne (Browne?)
F.14 1861, January-February, 18 items, most from Henry A. Wood; others include Matilda Dagg and Cherry [?]
F.15 1861, March-April, 25 items, most from Henry A. Wood (one to Agnes’s mother); others include George Dagg, Cherry, S. Carroll,
F.16 1861, May, 18 items, most from Henry A. Wood, including one from his sister to Henry.
F.17 1861, June-December, 18 items, most from Henry A. Wood; others include Isabella Offley (nurse), (father) Adam W. Cradock and (mother) G. Cradock.

Box 2
F.1 Undated, 23 items, most from Henry A. Wood; others include Beamish, Hutchinson and Dagg; includes a valentine.
F.2 Undated, 23 items, most from Henry A. Wood; others include (father) A.W. Cradock, Willa and Cherry.
F.3 “Aurora” (Agnes Georgiana Cradock), undated [1850s], from “Hebe” [Beamish?], 6 items
F.4 Poetry, essays and stories by A.G.C., undated, most incomplete, 6 items; also poem sent to “Aurora” and a notebook.
F.5 Essays, stories and journals by A.G.C., 7 items.
F.6 1846-1847, legal and other documents relating to Erasmus C. Brown and Anne Browne, parents of Georgina Cradock and account of Julia (Browne) and Eugene McConnin; also letter (1842) from Julia and Eugene to Anne Browne (mother), 12 items

Georgina Cradock (nee Browne) (1840-1869)
[Georgina was in Dundas, Dublin and Liverpool during this period].
F.7 1840-1855, letters from Julia McConnin (sister), Jane Maria McConnin, Eliza [ ], Agnes Cradock (daughter), Anne Browne (mother), visiting cards from Rev. and Mrs. Henry Perceval. Also statement of account re. estate of Erasmus Browne, 1846-7,19 items.
F.8 1856-1860, most from Agnes Cradock (daughter), one from Eliza [ ], 29 items.
F.9 1861-1863, letters from Mary Durham (sister), A. Cradock (husband), Agnes Wood (“Addy”, daughter), Henry A. Wood, Adeline Wood, E. Fletcher, Isabella Offley, Eliza [ ], E. Pentland (most from Agnes and Eliza), 29 items.
F.10 Undated, including letters from Eliza, Julia McConnin, [ ] Hutchison, Willa [ ], Eliza, [ ] Napier, most from Agnes (daughter - “Addie”), Owen [Sweeny?],
Edith [ ], Phebe [ ], E. Bothbee, Agatha Starke, H. Wood, Julia McConnin, 34 items.

Box 3
F.1 Sarah Maria Coffie (1815-1855) (née Cradock, sister of A.W. Cradock), statement of account for costs of will probate, letters from A.W., Georgina and Agnes Cradock, one letter from Sarah, 7 items.

Richard Hedges Cradock 1st (1760-1830)
F.2 1763-1830 and undated, includes copy of marriage license for Richard Hedges Cradock and Cassandra Delimerst, 1797, note to RHC from Sir Adam Willaimson, endorsed by AWC, copy of minutes granting freedom of the city of Dublin to RHC, copy of memorial re. service to the crown written by RHC, another note on RHC’s commission, 6 items
See also commission dated 1760 , Box 29 F.9 below.

Richard Hedges Cradock 2nd (1839-1870)
F.3 1839-1870 and undated, includes poem “Canadian Winter” by RHC, 1839, extracts from letters of RHC to his sister Agnes referring to Freddy Atkins (d.1862) and Edward Atkins, also ref. to the mortgage for the farm “Doneycarney”, note from AWC to RHC, transcribed “Letters from Upper Canada”, mostly by RHC of Millbrook, Dundas, 1855-1858, unfinished letters by Agnes to her brother, list [by Agnes?] “of what I did do, not what I should have done, last winter”, 11 items
Item #4:
Envelope, contains RHC 2nd’s pocket diary for 1870. There are only a few pencilled entries on the early pages and there are notes and accounts at the back; most of the leaves are blank.
F.5 Correspondence, 1829-1917, including letters related to Cradock Trusts, Erasmus Cope and Anne Browne, and H.A. Wood.
F.6 Correspondence and a poem written by R.H. Cradock, 1850s-1860s – part of the Millbrook Correspondence series, 18 items.
F.7 Honoria (Slaney) Cradock to husband A.W. “Williamson” Cradock, H.A. Wood to Agnes Cradock, 12 items.
F.8 A.W., Agnes, Eliza and Sarah Cradock letters, and receipt for piano rental,11 items, includes draft of letter by A.W. to Major General Lord Fitzroy Somerset, re. settling in Canada, undated.
F.9 Correspondence, mostly by Agnes, 12 items.
F.10 Georgine Cradock to Mrs. Offley, 1855.
F.11 Fanny Howell to Miss McCaunce, undated.
F.12 Eliza Pentland to Mary Durham, 1854.
F.13 A.W. Cradock and Agnes (from Dundas) to Mr. & Mrs. McConnin, 1839-1847, 7 items.
F.14 Agnes to Edith [ ], 1859.
F.15 Agnes to Louisa [ ], 1856.
F.16 Recipies and remedies, written by Agnes.
F.17 Letters to Willa Durham, 1874-1911, 13 items.
F.18 Lineage of early Cradocks, 16th to 19th century, 3 items.
F.19 2 travel pieces, written and illustrated by Louis E. Robinson, with 2 photographs, undated.

Series 2:
Atkins family. – 1838-1916. – 66 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of the series. – Series consists of correspondence, legal, military and financial material, poems, essays, stories, journals, diaries, postcards and newspaper clippings. Organization is alphabetical by the first name of the Atkins family member.

Agnes Georgina Cradock married George Thomas Atkins (born Isle of Man1838, died 21 August 1916) on 23 October 1877 and settled permanently in Canada. The Atkins family were neighbours of the Cradocks in Brant County. The couple had two daughters, Hilda Isabelle Georgina (26 August 1878-October 1949) and Vivien Agnes Maud (13 October 1880-27 September 1913). Hilda Isabelle married Edward Rubidge Crombie.

Note: for more Agnes correspondence, see also Agnes Georgina Cradock and Agnes Georgina Wood.

Box 4
Agnes Georgina Atkins: correspondence received, 1877-1916.

All correspondence is to Agnes and comes from relatives, friends (such as Mary Reynolds, Anna Logie, “Willa”[Willia? Glascott?], “Eliza”[Perceval?] and “Nina”) and includes paper dress patterns and swatches of fabric), acquaintances, businesses (including statements of account from a butcher) and lawyers (including cheques and accompanying statements of payments from a legacy left for her by her father in Ireland).

F.1 1877-1880, 26 items
F.2 1881-1885, 32 items, includes artwork by “Mary”.
F.3 1886-1888, 35 items
F.4 1891-1900, 18 items
F.5 1902-1905, 35 items
F.6 1906-1910, 32 items, including 15 postcards from Agnes’s daughters Hilda Isabelle Georgina and Vivian Agnes Maud (identified by initials).
F.7 1911-1916, 38 items
F.8 Undated or date incomplete, 27 items
F.9 Undated or date incomplete, 20 items
F.10 Undated or date incomplete, 27 items

Agnes Cradock/Atkins, non correspondence, 1850s-1890s and undated
F.11 1883-4, 1896-7, 2 account books.
F.12 Artwork by Agnes Cradock/Atkins: sketches, paper dolls, embroidery patterns and cut out pictures, 28 items, 1850s onwards.
F.13 Essays, stories and fragments, 20 items, most 1850s-1880s
F.14 Essays, stories and fragments, some copied from other authors, 31 items, 1840s onward. Includes a letter “To the Editors of the Sphinx” from “A Woman who would like a Vote”.
F.15 Essays and stories, 28 items, 1850s onward, including an extract from Agnes’s journal concerning leaving Dublin and travelling to Canada
F.16 Essays, stories, poems, 40 items, 1850s to early 1900s, includes a notebook containing poems copied (?) by Agnes (“AGC”), 1852-1854.
F.17 Published materials (including Agnes’s poetry), 25 items, including newspaper clippings, flyers, complete issue of the (North Brant) Star-Transcript, May 16 1894.

George Thomas Atkins (1838-1916)
F.18 1854-1858, 26 items, most from his mother
F.19 1862-1897, 12 items, including legal documents
F.20 1902-1916, 8 items, including Blacksmith’s invoice and account of G.T. Atkins’ death
F.21 Undated or date incomplete, many from mother and some from George’s sisters, 22 items

Box 5
Hilda Isabelle Georgina Atkins (1878-1949, daughter of Agnes and George)
F.1 1899-1900, April, 17 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.2 1900, May-August, 25 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.3 1900, Sept.-Dec., 21 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.4 1901, Jan.-1903, Aug., 27 items, including verses, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.5 1903, Sept.-Dec., 27 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.6 1904, Jan.-June, 23 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.7 1904, July-Sept., 19 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.8 1904, Oct.-Dec., 21 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.9 1905-1907, 22 items, all from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”)
F.10 Undated or date incomplete, 10 items, some from Edward R. Crombie (“Ted”), others from “Maud”, “Mother” and “Auntie Willa”
F.11 Notebook, with entries 1899-1904. Appears to have been started in another hand (Agnes?) and then taken over and used as a journal by Hilda.

Vivien Agnes Maud Atkins (1880-1913)
F.12 1903-1913, correspondence: most are postcards, some from cousin Lindsay [Wardell?], also 2 letters from Edward Rubidge Crombie on the birth and first Christmas of Hilda Victoria, 1907, 84 items.
F.13 Undated or date incomplete, mostly postcards, 10 items
F.14 Diary, Sept 17th 1900-Sept 12th 1902; brief daily entries in Vivien’s hand
F.15 Diary, Aug 6th 1905-Jan 27th 1908; brief daily entries in Vivien’s hand
F.16 Diary, Jan 28th 1908-Sept 11th 1910; brief daily entries in Vivien’s hand

Series 3:
Wood family. – 1851-1904. – 66 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of the series. – Series consists of correspondence only. Organization is alphabetical by the first name of the Wood family member.

Agnes Georgina Cradock married Henry Archdall Wood on 26 June 1861. Most of the series consists of letters between Agnes and Henry. Wood died in December 1874.

Note: for more Agnes correspondence, see also Agnes Georgina Cradock and Agnes Georgina Atkins. For more Henry Wood correspondence see series 1: Cradock family.

Box 6
F.1 Agnes Georgina Wood, 1851-1862; includes letters from Julia McCormack, brother R.H. Cradock, W.R. Fitzpatrick, A.L. Atkins, Julia Wood, Cherry [ ], James and Mary Fitzpatrick, Eliza Fletcher; most are from Henry A. Wood “your old man”, 26 items.
F.2 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1863; includes letters from Richard H. Cradock, mother (S. Cradock), Henry A. Wood (“Old Man”), Eliza Atkinson, Emily Wood (to brother Henry), [ ] Wood, Isabella Wingfield, 34 items.
F.3 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1864; most is from Henry A. Wood, Fanny Wood, Bessie [ ], Eliza A., John Malley, 35 items.
F.4 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1865-1868; includes letters from Richard [ ], Charles Hamilton, S. Browne, Henry Wood, H.A. Napier, Eliza Attkinson, Wm. Durham, H. Doran, G. Bolton, Peter [ ], 25 items.
F.5 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1869-1870; includes letters from Doran Solicitors, Richard [Stevens?], Muriel Bayley, Henry Wood, E. Attkinson, 48 items.
F.6 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1871; includes letters from Henry Wood, Andrew Reed, Mary Benson, Muriel Bayley, Willa [ ], Louisa Evans [?], W.R. Fitzpatrick, E. Attkinson, J.H. Monks, W.B. O’Flynn, Willa, 42 items.
F.7 Agnes to Mrs. Doran, 1871; includes letters from Muriel Bayley, Willa [ ], Clara [ ], Thomas Dutton, Florence Nicholls, Henry Wood, Richard Hedges Cradock (Millbrook correspondence), Ottoline Monks [?], W.E. Glascott, Mary Fulton, G. Cradock (mother), W. R. Fitzpatrick, Obins Woodhouse, E.L. Perceval, 36 items.
F.8 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1872-1873; includes letters from R.H. Cradock, W.E. Glascott, Susan Tucker[?], Henry Wood, W.R. Fitzpatrick, E.L. Perceval, Louisa Evans [?], 48 items.
F.9 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1874; includes letters from Henry Wood, Willa [ ], W. O’Connor, Edward Armstrong, W.E. Glascott, J.H. Doran, 68 items.
F.10 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1875; includes letters from Marcus Shee, Louisa Evans, Edith [ ], Caroline Mc[ ], account from J.H. Doran, Micahel Mc In[ ], Andrew Reed, John Gage, 23 items.
F.11 Agnes Georgina Wood. 1876-1904; includes letters from M. Fulton, R.C. de Versan, J.H. Doran, [ ] Hackett, George Glibbom [?], Fanny Wood, 67 items.
F.12 Agnes Georgina Wood. Undated; includes mostly Henry Wood, also Harriet Bayley, H.A. Napier, J. Willis, Fanny Wood, Eliza, Willa, 41 items.

Box 7
F.1 Agnes Georgina Wood. Undated; includes letters from Mary MacGrath, E. Monks, M.L. Smith, Willa (Christmas card), Henry Wood, H.M.[?] Middleton, 39 items.
F.2 Agnes Georgina Wood. Undated; includes letters from Willa, M. Fulton, S. Andrews, most from Henry Wood, 38 items.
F.3 Agnes Georgina Wood. Undated; includes letters from Louisa Evans, Caroline [ ], Willa, most from Henry Wood, 59 items.
F.4 Henry Archdall Wood. 1860-1863; most letters from Agnes but also includes a court judgement against Henry on behalf of Adam Williamson Cradock (1860), and a bond, letters from Eliza Tallon, George W. Wherry, mother S. Wood, Wm. McMason, Julia Maria Wood, 44 items.[Wood is mostly on Dublin, a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary].
F.5 Henry Archdall Wood. 1864-1869; also printed testimonial on behalf of Henry A. Wood for position as Magistrate, John Blake, J. O’Shea, G. Bolton, 54 items
F.6 Henry Archdall Wood. 1870-1871; letters include J.H. Doran, sister A.W. Wood, Andrew Reid, Agnes Georgina Wood, Henry Lake, Robert Lawe, J.W. Corker, J. Ware, prescriptions for medicine, John Jeffries (physician), 35 items.
F.7 Henry Archdall Wood. 1872-1873; letters include John Jeffries, sister A.W. Wood, Harriet Bayley, W. Reeves, Andrew Reed, G.F. Gamble, reports on H.A. W’s health, Sarah Murphy, Margaret Fulton, letters concerning his medical leave in Lisbon, Richard Martin, Philip Crampton Creaghe, R. Watts M.D., 45 items.
F.8 Henry Archdall Wood. 1874-1877; letters include T.H. Lees, J.M. Wood, A. Reed, copy of handwritten will of H.A. Wood, 1874, clipping of hair, some letters to Agnes following December 1874, 38 items.
F.9 Henry Archdall Wood. Undated; all letters are from Agnes, 43 items.
F.10 Henry Archdall Wood. Undated; most letters are from Agnes, also one from S. Cradock, 46 items.
F.11 Henry Archdall Wood. Undated; most leters are from Agnes, poem from Patrick Sheaby, letter of congratulation on forthcoming marriage from W.M. Mason, 48 items.
F.12 Henry Archdall Wood. Undated; most letters are from Agnes, also sister Emily and M. Woodhouse, 44 items.
F.13 Henry Archdall Wood. Undated; most letters are from Agnes, 40 items.
F.14 Senders and recipients unclear, 1870s, 9 items.

Series 4:
Crombie Family. – 1887-2002. – 6.41 m of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of the series. – Series consists of correspondence, legal, military and financial material, poems, essays, stories, journals, diaries, postcards, photographs and newspaper clippings. Organization is alphabetical by the first name of the Crombie family member.

Crombie, Christopher

F.1 Christopher Crombie, 1962-1974, convocation and Boy Scouts material, school and college certificates, newspaper clippings, 13 items.
F.2 Crombie, David Bradshaw, 1874-1927, 23 items.
F.3 Crombie, Edward Beatus, ca. 1863, includes biography, correspondence and 3 photographs, 9 items.

Crombie, Edward Hamerton, correspondence
F.4 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, 1914-1938, includes postcards, letters from George A. Mackenzie, M. Hudspeth, Herbert Bogert (nephew), George (nephew), Walter Wily, confirmation certificate and newsclipping, 16 items.
F.5 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, 1949-1977, includes letter from speaker of house on death of his mother, newspaper clippings, plan of property, Atkins family tree and business correspondence, 24 items.
F.6 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, undated correspondence, 5 items.

Crombie, Edward Hamerton, writings
F.7 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, diary, 1928-1929, 286 p.
F.8 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, diary, 1930, numbered consecutively with previous diary, pp.287-652.
F.9 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, diary, 1931, numbered consecutively with previous diary, pp.653-910.
F.10 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, diary, 1932, numbered consecutively with previous diary, pp.911-1056.
F.11 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, diary, Dec. 1940-Jan. 1941, 6p.
F.12 Crombie, Edward Hamerton, diary, 1941, bound desk format.

E.H. Crombie Journals: details concerning Windrush farm and family life and weather: 1963, 1965-1967, 1969-1971, 1974-1976, 1979-91. Also notebook which records all books read 1976-1992.

BOX 10
Crombie, Edward Rubidge (alias Brant Hamerton), correspondence
F.1 Crombie, Edward Rubidge (Ned), 1888-1910, includes certificates(confirmation and marriage), newspaper clippings postcards and letters to and from, 17 items.
F.2 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. 1911-1915, correspondence received, business and family, includes corresondence. concerning the purchase of Gilston farm, telegrams concerning sinking of Lusitania and death of Fred S. Hammond (half brother), survival of Kathleen (McParland), letter from Baba (sister Fanny) on the death of (husband) Eddie Parker, letter from Jack Kemp, 84 items.
F.3 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. 1916-1922, includes letter from Herbert Renwick Hammond (half brother, serving with 47 battalion in England), Baba (sister Fannie Hammond), mother (Fanny Maria Crombie), Major R.D. Wigham, Aunt Mary; also some business correspondence and legal documents, 70 items.
F.4 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. 1923-1930, including letters from mother, David Butler (uncle, enclosing other letters), George Parker (nephew), Baba/Fanny (sister), George A, Mackenzie (and copy of his published poems), Mrs. A. Cummins, Bebe Crombie (cousin), also copies of some of ERC’s letters, 1927-1928, including one to Lady Flora McCrea Eaton, George Parker; also series of letters regarding death of H.R. Hammond (Chub) in 1930 and the settling of his estate, 66 items.
F.5 Crombie, Edward Rubidge (alias Brant Hamerton), 1929-1930: correspondence with Bride Broder, editor of a ladies’ page for The Mail and Empire, 1929-1930. Transcripts of letters, with published pieces pasted between, headed “Printed pieces”, 10 pages
F.6 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, 1931-1939: includes correspondence and invitation from Lady Flora McCrea Eaton, mother, legal documents and correspondence regarding estate of H.C. Hammond (stepfather), Gilston farm census, 1931, lists of Christmas cards and gifts, 1931-32, Baba (sister), M.S. Bogert (brother in law), George Parker (nephew), Edward Parker (nephew), Major R.D. Wigham (Chauncy), Mother, postcards, invoices, 47 items.
F.7 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, undated: includes correspondence from Aunt Eva, mother, F.S. Hammond, postcards, newspaper clippings, 44 items.

Crombie, Edward Rubidge, writings and other material

BOX 11
F.1 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Confessions, a play, 1899; “first and only performance at Invernith, Paris, Ontario” with Edward, Hilda and Vivien playing the 3 parts, 17 p.
F.2 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Diary, January 1903 and fragments of writing, including birth of Mab, 1911, approx. 60 pages total.
F.3 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Diary postcards, 1903-1905. Some of these cards seem to have been sent but most were kept as a pictorial diary, 40 items.
F.4 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Bee: A Family Magazine for the Collection and Preservation of Family Papers. Typed and illustrated first issue contains a drawing room play called “Confessions”, dated October 1904.
F.5 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, appointment diary with short, irregular entries, mostly concerning milk and vegetables,1908.
F.6 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Scribbling book used as day to day journal, most entries concerned with farm chores. Undated, but pre death of Vivien in 1913.
F.7 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Letters, numbers I-X, 27 August-16 September 1916. This typed booklet is part journal for the period indicated but also contains “The Millbrook Correspondence”, R.H Cradock’s and Agnes’s letters from the 1850s, transcribed between current events, 51 p.
F.8 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Letters, numbers XI-XX, 17 September- 6 October 1916. Contents as above; also includes ERC’s poem “Fall Wheat”, pages numbered consecutively with first volume, 52-102. Also numbers XXI-XXX, 7-23 October 1916, 103-149.
F.9 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, “Letter LIV, Wed. 10 January 1917", contents as above, some fragments, the last dated Nov. 25 1917, 16 p.
F.10 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Diary fragments from December 1917, 8 p. Also list of poems [?] and undated diary entries, 17 p.
F.11 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Diary fragments from February 1918 and May 1918, 4 p. and pages 152-213, 251-258 and 3 unnumbered pages.
F.12 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Twitter, daily family newsletter, Thursday 30 May 1918-29 June 1918, 32 issues, initially 2p. and later (from 11 June 1918) 4 p.
F.13 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Twitter, daily family newsletter, Tuesday 2 July 1918-Monday 29 July 1918, 4 p. each issue.
F.14 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Twitter, daily family newsletter, Thursday 1 August-Saturday 31 August 1918, 4 p. each issue.
F.15 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Twitter, daily family newsletter, Sunday 1 September-Wednesday 18 September 1918; also Sunday 22 September, Monday 30 September, Tuesday 1 October and Sat. 12 October 1918 (#135), 4 p. each issue.
F.16 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Diary fragments from June-December 1921, including (home) concert programme, programme of Scottish Musical Comedy, Fall Fair prize list, Christmas list and menu, part of poem; also programme of Fourth Annual Christmas Concert, Gilston Theatre, December 1920, 8 items.
F.17 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Diary, 20 February -26 August 1922, here entitled The Daily Twitter, each issue 2 pages (series incomplete).Typed family newsletter with illustrations by ERC and Vivian Crombie (Mab).
F.18 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, “Family Stuff”, “Jingles written for The Daily Twitter while Budge was in Hospital”, September-October 1923, 6 p.
F.19 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Diary fragments; also The Roll of the Princess Mary’s Own Gilston Light Infantry, 19 p.
F.20 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Twitter, numbers 304-472, Sunday 29 June 1924 to Tuesday 16 December 1924, issues 2 - 4 pages.
F.21 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Twitter, numbers 501-544, Saturday 10 January 1925 to Monday 23 February 1925.
F.22 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Home Brew [the first issue announces that The Daily Twitter is defunct], numbers 1-47, Wednesday 26 August 1925 to Wednesday 21 October 1925. As above, the earliest issues bound in weekly segments, pages consecutively numbered 1- 183, each issue 4 pages.
F.23 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, [1925], fragments of diary entries and clippings, also poem by Brant Hamerton, “Paradise”, 12 items.
F.24 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Farm Account Book, 1925-1929, 200 p.
F.25 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Notebook, 1926-1927, containing poems, farm notes and lists of books read. First page contains note on new weekly to be called The Owl, 50p. (approx.).
F.26 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Loose leaf note book [1925-1927], containg 48 poems (30 pages), notes on mushroom growing (1927), diary entries, anecdotes, historical snapshots and materials for future editions of The Owl, 80 p. total (approx.).
F.27 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Loud-Speaker, numbers 1-49, Tuesday 21 September 1926 to Tuesday 9 November 1926, each issue 4 pages.
F.28 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Loud-Speaker, numbers 50-102, Wednesday 10 November 1926 to 1 January 1927 [dated 1926 in error].
F.29 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Log, 1926-1929.Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Log, contains poems by others, diary entries [1929], accounts, lists of letters received, Christmas lists and weather reports, 1926-1929, 50 p. (approx.).
F.30 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Loud-Speaker, numbers 103-160, Sunday 2 January 1927 to Tuesday March 15 1927, with list of chores for May and June.
F.31 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Owl, numbers 1-63, Saturday 4 June 1927 to Tuesday 27 December 1927, each issue 4 pages.
F.32 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Gilston Owl, numbers 64-85 [numbered 84 in error], Tuesday 10 January 1928 to Tuesday 1 May 1928.
F.33 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Cackle, numbers 1-127, 20 August 1928 to 31 December 1928, each issue 2 pages.

Box 12
F.1 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Cackle, numbers 128-248, 1 January 1929 to Saturday 8 June 1929, each issue 2 pages.
F.2 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Daily Cackle, numbers 251-324, Monday 10 June 1929 to Friday 11 October 1929.
F.3 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, “Country Fare, being a selection from the poems of Brant Hamerton” [1900-1928], 21 p.
F.4 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, “Farm Produce, being a selection from the poems of Brant Hamerton” [1911-1927], 21 p.
F.5 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Diary of a Poultry Farmer, 1933-1934, pp.1-18, 59-62, 105.
F.6 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Ego, undated diary entries, 2 p.
F.7 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Ho Hum the Philosopher, undated selection of poems, 3 p.
F.8 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Diary of a Would-be Author, [1929], fragments re. writing efforts, 4 p.
F.9 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Exalted, [fragments of a short story?], 6 p.
F.10 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, The Affair at Wildrose Farm: A drama in five parts, undated, 12 p.
F.11 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, A Bachelor of Parts, synopsis and short story, undated, 11 p.
F.12 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, undated writings: includes chapters 2 and 3 of unnamed novel by Brant Hammerton, undated, 5 p.; section of Looking Back from Nirvana (autobiography), undated, 23 p.; 2 letters to “Anonymia” [1927], poem “Seedtime and Harvest”, undated; extracts from journal, undated,2 p.; “A Family by the Name of Crombie”, [introduction?],1 p., undated, by Brant Hamerton; “Sonnets by the Hired Man, 3 poems, undated, 3 p.; poem “Miserere”, undated, 1 p.; [short story?] “Mr Common Person and the Doctors”, undated, 2 p.; account of meeting - as a child - with John A. Macdonald: “A Prophecy that Failed”, undated, 3 p.; notes on Presidents W. Harrison and George Washington, also W.M. Thackery, undated, 11 p.; notes on ancestor Henry Kavanagh Battaye, undated, 1 p; list of visitors, dated July [ ], 1p.
F.13 Crombie, Edward Rubidge (alias Brant Hamerton), The Year of Jubilee. Short story,1928, 18 p. with rough drafts.
F.14 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Farm Diary, 11 December 1929 to 31 December 1930, 176 p.
F.15 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, My Diary, 1930, Weds. 1 January to Dec. 31, approx. 200 p.
F.16 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Specimens: An Anthology. 1930, selection of stories and quotations, 67 p.
F.17 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Farm Diary, Thursday 1 January to Thursday 11 June 1931, 134 p.
F.18 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Farm Diary, Friday 11 June 1931 to Thursday 31 December, pp.135-290.
F.19 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. My Diary 1931, Monday 16 November-Sunday 13 December, pp.163-179.
F.20 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Farm Diary, 1932, January-December. This diary is in poor condition and is incomplete, 275 p.
F.21 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. My 59th Year. 1933. Commences November 1932 and transforms into regular diary with numbering sequential in following file, pp.1-74 and Appendix.
F.22 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Farm Diary, 1933, April-December, pp.74-187.
F.23 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, Gilston Farm Diary, 1934, January only, 3 p.
F.24 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. Mary Macsicker. Short story. Undated, 44 p. with variants.
F.25 Crombie, Edward Rubidge (alias Brant Hamerton). The Moonstone Brooch. Short story. Undated, 8 p.
F.26 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. The Open Country. A Collection of Notes and Thoughts on Many Subjects, 1910, 70 p. (photocopy and original - in poor condition).
F.27 Crombie, Edward Rubidge (alias Brant Hamerton). The Passing of Neal Gilespie (story). Undated [ca. 1930]. 18 p. and some variants.
F.28 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. Poems, including fragments and drafts, 24 p.
F.29 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. Fiction and autobiography, including fragments and drafts. Undated [ca.1930], 52 p.
F.30 Crombie, Edward Rubidge. Diary Entries. Undated.[1912, 1920s and 1930s?], approx. 60 p.
F.31 Crombie, Edward Rubidge, photographs and sketches: photograph of Edward Rubidge Crombie as a young man, 2 photographs of paintings by Joseph Cummings Chase, 2 sketches. Also writing fragments and bills.
F. 32 The Gilston Miscellany, Part 1. Collection of writings, by E.R. and the family as well as other authors. Undated but must be after 1926 as it contains work by Vivien at aged 15.
F.33 3 notebooks, one in E.R.’s hand, the others unidentified.
Crombie, Hilda Isabelle Georgina (“The Lady of Gilston”)

Box 13
F.1 Crombie, Hilda Isabelle Georgina (née Atkins), 1907-1949: correspondence includes letters from sister in law Baba (Fanny), sister in law Georgie (Georgina), “Mother Hammond” (Fanny Maria Rubidge), Cousin Bee [Stirling], Amelia Sinclair, “Aunty Mary”, “Budge”(Hilda Victoria), “Uncle David”, legal correspondence regarding K.S. Hammond Estate, Flora McCrea Eaton, copy of Hilda’s will (1943), Mab (Vivien Maud Crombie), Christmas cards and postcards, 79 items.
F.2 Crombie, Hilda Isabelle Georgina (née Atkins). 4 undated letters and collection of greeting cards and postcards, 104 items.

Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge)
F.3 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1907-1921, correspondence from Bee Stirling, “Daddy” (Edward R. Crombie), “Aunt Georgie”, Edith, “Grandma”, Muriel, Frances, Margaret, Pat, Jean Crombie (cousin), includes note from Budge, 49 items.
F.4 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1922-1926: correspondence from mother, Flora McCrea Eaton, some from Budge, Judy, Edith Cox, Irene, Audrey, Kitty, George Parker (cousin), Howard Elliot, Roslyn Kyle, Jean, Bebe, Mabe, Mildred Taylor, Isobel Sealey, Leone, Pat, 38 items.
Much of this and subsequent correspondence is from Budge’s friends who became nurses and sent lively and detailed accounts of their experiences in Canada and USA.
F.5 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1927-1929: correspondence from Irene, Pat, Margaret, Aunt Georgie, Kitty, Mick [Racey], Frances, Bebe, Jean K., Audrey, Isobel, Aunt Alice, 36 items.
F.6 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1928: correspondence from Bebe, Mick, Kitty, Irene, Bee, Mick, Aunt Georgie (Mrs. Mortimer Bogert), Audrey, Jean K., Aunt Baba, Aunt Mary, Edward R. Crombie (father), Irene, Hester, Pat, Hilda (mother), Edith, Audrey, Irene Moody, 48 items.
F.7 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1929: correspondence from Mick, Kitty, Irene Moody, “Bill”, mother, father, Gladys Jones, Deedee, Marg, Blanche Hall, Consuelo, Pat, Tom, 33 items.
F.8 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1930-1932: correspondence from Kitty, Deedee, Marg, Ida Seton-Adamson, Mick, 31 items.
F.9 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1932-1948: correspondence from Ida Seton-Adamson, Gord, dance card, Mick, Kitty (Ghormley), Aunt Georgie, Deedee, Eva Phipps, Thomas Lewis [?], Gord, Edna, Margaret, Edith, Audrey, 28 items.
F.10 2 recipe books, one with lists of books
F.11 Notebook with book lists, words of songs and movie pamphlets.

Box 14
F.1 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). Jan.-October 1949: correspondence (most on the death of her mother) from Freezie, Jean, Ethel, Uncle Mortimer, Kitty, Charlotte Scougall, Pearson Roberton, Dorothy Jones, Aunt Georgie, Carrie Campbell, John Bridgewater, Muriel Pickell, Edward J.R. Crombie, Eleanor Jones, Anna Cleland, Cousin Katie, Allan, Mary S. Apps, Aunt Alice Craig, Doris R., John A. Charlton M.P., Nellie M. Charlton, Naomi Harris, E.W. Armstrong, Ethel, Bebe Crombie, and sympathy cards, 52 items.
F.2 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). October 1949: correspondence (most on the death of her mother) from Leone Moyle, Anne Sayers, Kathleen Crombie, Florence Farmer, Minnie Terry, [ ] Kirk, Mab, Chris Gardener, Mary Ellen Burt, Maurice Howell, Edith Gunther, Roy Bigham, Connie, Bee and Birdie, Edith, Elizabeth Howard, Ghormleys, Kitty, Marion Thomson, Ethel Oldham, Phyllis and Herbert (cousins), and sympathy cards, 38 items
F.3 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1950-56: correspondence from Auntie Katie, Hannah Wilson, Aunt Maud, Lilian B.W., Ethel, Kitty, Betty, wedding invitations (Laubach, Verity), lists of electors, 15 items.
F.4 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). 1956. Letter from Secretary of Brantford Stamp Club and scrap book relating to stamps and stamp collecting, 2 items.

Box 15
F.1 Crombie, Hildegarde Victoria (Budge). Undated materials, includes postcards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, draft of letter by Budge to Lady Eaton, copy of one from Budge to Cousin Jean (mother of Frances), valentine from Frances, letters from Kitty, father, Frances, transcript of a speech by Budge [1959], dance cards, 67 items.

Crombie, Margaret (née Reynolds, married Edward Hamerton Crombie)

F.2 Crombie, Margaret (née Reynolds, married Edward Hamerton Crombie). 1929-1967 and undated: includes letter from Vivien, church, school and music certificates, school yearbook, photographs, portraits of King and Queen, 29 items.
F.3 Crombie, Margaret (née Reynolds). Diaries. 1935-1936.
F.4 Crombie, Viven Maud (Mab). 1927-1942: letter from Marg [Margaret Crombie?], postcards from Bee, Edna and Kempy, 5 items.
F.5 Margaret Crombie [?], diary, 1963.

Box 16
Margaret (nee Reynolds) Crombie diaries: details concerning weather and daily events, much about horses and Windrush farm: 1966-1969, 1972-1976, 1988, 1991, 2001-2002.
13 diaries.

Box 17
Written and printed materials which appear to have some connection with Crombie family
F.1 Land deeds 1850-1886; all concern land in Brantford/Paris area, non with mention of Crombie or any directly related families.
F. 2 Letters, postcards, Christmas cards and receipts with no specific Crombie connection, 1844-1975.
F.3 Military correspondence, re war loan, 1918-1919, 3 items.
F.4 Undated letters and fragments.
F.5 Programmes for plays and sporting events, 1888-1935, 12 items.
F.6 Newspaper clippings, 1850-1973.
F.7 Newspaper clippings of the royal family, 1922 and undated.
F.8 Newspaper clippings, undated.
F.9 Newspaper clippings re stamp collecting, 1952-1957.
F.10 Sketches of horses, envelopes, clippings and cut outs.

Box 18
Correspondence related to Crombie family, 1890-1967.
F.1 Wardell (Alex R., Thomas Atkins, Bee). 1902, 1920 and undated.
[Alex R. Wardell married Isabella Maria Atkins, Thomas Atkins Wardell was their son.]
F.2 Reynolds. 1909-1967.
[Edward Hamerton Crombie married Margaret Reynolds.]
F.3 Reynolds. Undated.
F.4 Hammond. 1908-1916.
[Herbert Carlyle Hammond married Fanny Maria Rubidge following the death Edward Beatus Crombie in 1875 at the age of 32.]
F.5 Hammond. 1917-1933.
F.6 Hammond. Undated.
F.7 Fanny Maria Rubidge Crombie-Hammond. 1909-1940 and undated.
F.8 Lusitania Clippings re: death of Frederick Sydney Hammond, compiled by E.R. Crombie. [Frederick married Kathleen McParland Crombie, daughter of Fanny and Edward Beatus.]
F.9 Mackenzie. 1887-1931 and undated.
F.10 Estella Mary Reynolds (née Craig). 1899-1982.
[Estella Mary Craig married Enest Reynolds; their daughter Margaret Reynolds married Edward Hamerton Crombie]
F.11 Estella Mary Reynolds (née Craig). Undated.
F.12 Craig. 1890 and undated.
F.13 Scrapbook: Newspaper Clippings re. Craig.
F.14 Katie Jones and Bertie Whigham. 1895.
[We have not yet established the Crombie connection here]
F.15 Jones and Whigham. 1896.
F.16 Jones and Whigham. 1897.
F.17 Jones and Whigham. 1898.

Box 19
Photographs of Crombie family members, identified.

Box 20
F.1 Crombie b&w photographs. Undated.
F.2 Crombie b&w photographs. Undated.
F.3 Crombie b&w photographs. Undated.
F.4 Crombie b&w photographs. Undated.
F.5 Crombie b&w photographs. Undated.
F.6 Crombie b&w photographs. Undated.

Box 21
F.1 Crombie Family Photograph Album.
F.2 Crombie Family Photograph Album.
F.3 Crombie Family Photograph Album.
F.4 Crombie Family Photograph Album.
F.5 Crombie Family Photograph Album.
F.6 Crombie Family Photograph Album.
2 albums have had the photographs removed for conservation purposes. The photographs are included in boxes 19 and 20 above. F.7 Ivory portrait miniature: Adam Williamson Cradock; [n.d.].
F.8 Framed portrait miniature backed with woven hair: Unidentified female; [n.d.].
F.9 Framed tinted ambrotype: Formal seated portrait of Crombie and an unidentified female; [n.d.].
F.10 Oval maroon leather framed watercolour portrait miniature: Mrs. Honoria S. Cradock, Banbury Oxfordshire; 1805.

Box 22
5 albums with photographs of the Crombie family.

Box 23
Photographs of Wardell Cox and a collection of cartes de vistes.

Box 24
Mounted photographs, subjects unidentified.

Box 25
Colour photographs, subjects unidentified.
Photographic negatives, subjects unidentified. Hunter green 17"x11.5" photogra[j album: farm scenes, weddings, children, dogs, group shots, etc., b&w; [1930s?].
Stereoscope in original envelope: International Exhibition, “Daphne”, by Marshall Wood; 1871.
Art work: “cameo” paper cut-out, classical profile; [n.d.].
Postcards; 1902-1927.
Photos, b&w; [n.d]-1960.

Box 27
Photographic newspaper clippings and picture cards
F.1 Miscellaneous Newspaper Photographs. 1896-1930 and Undated.
F.2 Miscellaneous Newspaper Photographs. Undated.
F.3 Miscellaneous Newspaper Photographs. Undated.
F.4 Picture Cards. 1870-1913.
F.5 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.6 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.7 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.8 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.9 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.10 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.11 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.12 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.13 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.14 Picture Cards. Undated.
F.15 Miscellaneous Blank Postcards. Undated.
F.16 Miscellaneous Blank Postcards. Undated.

Box 28
Pamphlets and other printed items
F.1 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 1814-1862.
F.2 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 1871-1900.
F.3 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 1901-1926.
F.4 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 1935-1963.
F.5 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. 1963-1985.
F.6 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. Undated.
F.7 Miscellaneous Pamphlets. Undated.

Box 29 (oversized flat box)
F.1 Printing Block.
F.2 Account of Agnes Atkins with Doran. October 1880-April 1881.
F.3 Mortgage Between George T. Atkins and Isaac Kelly. June 4, 1872.
F.4 Mortgage Between George T. Atkins and Thomas Dunkin. November 11, 1873.
F.5 Mortgage Between George T. Atkins and Anna Simpson. November 11, 1867.
F.6 Mortgage Between Alice Lynn Atkins, George T. Atkins and William Purves, Agnes Purves. January 11, 1876.
F.7 Mortgage to Secure 300.00 Between George T. Atkins to Michael Mulhurn, February 16, 1978.
F.8 Mortgage Between George T. Atkins and George Notman. June 5, 1875.
F.9 Commission Appointment. Richard Hedges Cradock. November 24, 1760. Parchment.
            Also commission of A. Williamson Cradock, October 7 1812.
F.10 Hilda Isabelle Georgina Crombie (nee Atkins). Oversized photos.
F.11 Hilda Isabelle Georgina Crombie (nee Atkins). Oversized photos.
F.12 One Intermarriage Document; One Marriage Certificate. Henry Archdall Wood and Agnes Georgina Cradock.
F.13 The Irish Times. Saturday, December 3, 1859.
F.14 Richard Allen’s Almanac 1857. December 13, 1856.
F.15 Bookmarks.
F.16 Margaret Reynolds, graduation certificate.
F.17 Margaret Reynolds, other certificates.
F.18 Artwork by Agnes Cradock.
F.19 Letter Re: Cradock Trust, March 24, 1916; and Transcription.
F.20 Commission Appointment - Ensign Thomas Atkins (parchment with embossed paper seal), 16 July 1800.
F.21 Commission Appointment. Mr. Thos. L. Wood. April 6, 1821 (illustrated parchment).
F.22 Mounted albumen print
F.23 Farm lease - Atkins and Huson
F.24 Indenture Between Frederick Sydney Hammond & Kathleen Saunders MacParland & National Trust Co. September 1909.
F.25 Last Will and Testament. Adam Williamson Cradock. January 1841.
F.26 Last Will and Testament. Adam Williamson Cradock. August 9, 1864.
F.27 Invoice to Cpt. Adam Williamson Cradock from Joseph Henry Doran (Solicitor). May 1861.
F.28 The Burford Advance. Wednesday, October 3, 1973.
F.29 The Star. Transcript. Paris, Ontario. Wednesday, September 14, 1892.
F.30 The Star. Transcript. Paris, Ontario. Wednesday, September 7, 1892.
F.31 The Mail and Empire, Toronto. Saturday, June 13, 1903.
F.32 The Paris Star. Thursday, October 2, 1952.
F.33 The Times. Weekly Edition. Friday, April 26, 1918.
F.34 The Paris Star. Thursday, August 11, 1955.
F.35 Paris Agricultural Society Newspaper.
F.36 Picture of Princess Mary
F.37 Newspaper Clipping of King George V and Queen Mary. 1901.
F.38 Cut Tracing Paper.
F.39 The Star. Transcript. Paris, Ontario. Wednesday, July 22, 1903.
F.40 Account of the Wedding of Viscount Lascelles and Princess Mary.
F.41 The Paris Star. Thursday, October 7, 1954.
F.42 The Expositor. Brantford. Monday, September 30, 1946.
F.43 The Star. Transcript. Paris, Ontario. July 22, 1903.
F.44 Survey map for Township of Brantford and Town of Paris. Part of lots 12 and 13, 1st Concession. T.H. Jones Surveyor. 22 September 1865.
F.45 Parchment Document with “Seal”. Letter of Administration of Goods and Chattels Unadministered of Erasmus Cope Browne to Georgiana Cradock (nee Browne).
F.46 Contemporary B&W Photo. R.F. Fanshaw, Miss H.V. Crombie, Mr. U.S. Limada.
F.47 B&W photograph. Three unidentified boys.
F.48 Paris Star. November 21, 1984. Newsclipping describing Gilston.
F.49 Saunders Newsletter and Daily Advertiser. Friday, October 25, 1833. Marriage Announcement: Cpt. A.W. Cradock to Georgiana Browne.
F.50 Dublin Evening Post. June 14, 1828.
F.51 Hamilton Journal. July 1839. Agnes Georgiana Cradock birth announcement.

Box 30 (oversized flat box)
Photographic and other material:
Crombie Family: 13"x 10.8" photograph album: portraits, children, farm and recreational scenes, etc., b&w; [n.d.].
Crombie Family: red 15"x11" photograph album: winter scenes, horseback riding, Baby Edward, b&w; 1946-1947.
Crombie Family: 13.5"x11" photograph album: portraits, group shots, architecture, recreational activities, etc., b&w; [n.d.].
Ornamental fan encased in purple velvet and silver dagger-like sheath.

Two published books:
Jack London, The Call of the Wild. (Toronto: George N. Morang, 1903), with inscription by Edward R. Crombie, “Montreal, December, 1903" has been shelved in the Research Collections monograph collection.

Flora McCrea Eaton, Rippling Rivers: My Diary (Toronto: [no publisher], December 25 1919). This item is located in box 21.

Note: For purposes of preservation some of this material was reboxed in January 2014. The finding aid has been updated to reflect these changes. There are no longer boxes numbered 26, 31, and 32.

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