WWI Trench Maps & Aerial Photographs


Original Collection:
Perimeter Digital, Canada.


Dr. Peter Chasseaud Collection:
Adam Matthew Digital, U.K.

McMaster University Library Project Team

Cathy Moulder
Director, Maps, Data & GIS (retired)


Gord Beck
Map Specialist, Lloyd Reeds Map Collection


Wiktor Rzeczkowski
I.T. Architecture & Development Specialist


Debbie Lawlor
Information Technology Analyst


Gabriela Mircea
Digital Repository Librarian


Abe Pankhurst
Student Assistant


Anna Jakubowski
Student Assistant

Acquisition of the Dr. Peter Chasseaud Collection was made possible, in part, with the assistance of a Movable Cultural Property grant accorded by the Department of Canadian Heritage under the terms of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act.


The masthead image used at the top of each page of this website is a cropped, edited portion of Eric Kennington's, The Victims (later renamed The Conquerors). It depicts the kilted Canadians of the 16th Battalion.


Original painting held in the Beaverbrook Collection of War Art,
Canadian War Museum

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