Mission, Planning Documents and Reports

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Mission, Planning Documents and Reports

McMaster University Library (Mills, Innis, Thode)


McMaster University Library aspires to be a catalyst of intellectual activity for the University and its community.


McMaster University Library supports the University's research and teaching mission by advancing knowledge and discovery, inspiring creativity and building community.

We deliver innnovative services, welcoming spaces and exemplary collections to accelerate research, enhance learning and improve the user experience.



Health Sciences Library


Our users will have the skills, support and resources required to access the information they need.


Our services and resources are based on the following principles.

We at the Health Sciences Library:

  • Provide timely and seamless access to information and services from the user perspective, regardless of location.
  • Help our users to become self-sufficient, providing training and assistance as required.
  • Anticipate and incorporate change and innovation as a way to enhance service to our users.
  • Evaluate our services and resources continuously to ensure that they serve users effectively.
  • Support the research initiatives within the Faculty with our extensive research collection and consultation services.
  • Liaise with the education programs to integrate information literacy and lifelong learning skills that are essential for successful problem-based learning and evidence-based practice.
  • Facilitate access to a rich collection of resources in a variety of formats, focusing on a current, evidence-based, electronic collection.
  • Provide an attractice learning atmosphere for our users, whether they use the library in person or virtually.
  • Collaborate with other libraries in order to enhance our collection and our services.
  • Balance the needs of our different user groups.


  • We are central to the academic and clinical role of our institution.
  • We value our role as an academic health sciences library and a resource library.
  • We welcome the challenges of our mission.
  • We respect and nurture the contributions of all library staff, and support their personal and professional development to strengthen service to our users.

Mission, Plans and Reports for the Health Sciences Library