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D’Arcy Prendergast fonds. -- 1916-1918. -- 6.5 cm of textual records and graphic material.

First accrual
Box 1
F.1 Biographical information, typed entries from Prendergast’s diaries, 1918.
F.2 Transcripts and photocopies of letters, 1917-9.
F.3 Royal Air Force Communiqué, nos. 1, 18 and 19, 1918.
F.4 Balloon messages in German. A.P. 6,7, and 14. [191?].
F.5 Notes and messages to the 18th Balloon Company, 1918.
F.6 R.A. VII Corps Instructions, 1918.
F.7 Maps of field positions from balloon observations, 1918.
F.8 Photograph of Belgian Hanriot plane, 1918.
F.9-11 Aerial photographs, [1917-8].
F.12 Aerial photograph of German 2nd Line, 1916.

Second accrual
Trench map no. 6542, Miraumont, 1916.
Third Army Positions map, [191?].
Map of enemy trenches opposite 12th Division Front with XVII Corps Artillery
Instructions (6 pp.), October 4, 1917, for bombardment of these trenches.
Target & Track map no. 75 (c), October 3, 1917.
Map showing dispositions of enemy’s forces, trenches occupied & position of posts in
British front line. Miraumont, [191?].
Greenland Hill Trench map no. 75 (a), September 24, 1917.
Trench map no. D 65, September 17, 1918.
German map of Havrincourt. Ziel u. Sperrfeuertafel für den schweren M.W. [191?].

F.14 17 aerial photographs, before and after bombardment by balloon, 1917-8.

XVII Corps (I): Report on Examination of Prisoners of the 1st Company, 1st Battn., 96th Regt., 38th Division... 2nd Sept., 1917; XVII Corps Intelligence Summary No. 232.... 32d September 1917; 12th Divisional Artillery Order No. 71, October 9, 1917; Annexe to XVII Corps Intelligence Summary No. 283, 24th October 1917.
Range table for German artillery for the bombardment of trenches. Vorläufige Schusstafel für den schweren Flügelminenwerfer. [191?].
Message 5th [Balloon] Corps to 18 Balloon Corps, July 8, 1918.
Field service post card, [191?].

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