Office of the University Librarian

Reporting to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the University Librarian is responsible for the leadership, evaluation, development, and day-to-day administration of the University Library, including Mills Memorial Library, Innis Library, Thode Library of Science and Engineering, and the New Media Centre (including Classroom Audio Visual Services). 

The University Librarian is responsible for ensuring that the library’s resources and priorities are effectively and efficiently aligned with the University through formal channels including membership on the University’s Senior Management Team, Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council.

The Library Leadership Group

Chaired by the University Librarian, the Library Leadership Group (LLG) is a standing committee comprised of the senior managers responsible for carrying out the library’s activities in support of the University Library’s vision, mission and strategic plan.  The LLG is the principal decision-making and advisory body to the University Librarian.  It is generally involved in strategic planning for the library rather than operational management, which is carried out at the departmental level. The weekly meetings bring together the University Library’s senior managers to discuss progress on important strategic initiatives and address emerging issues.

The Library Leadership Group...

  • develops, communicates and evaluates the library’s strategic plan;
  • advises the University Librarian on major program and administrative policy issues;
  • consults on critical organizational and human resource issues;
  • identifies international issues of importance at the university, provincial and national levels;
  • discusses leading trends in library and information services and make recommendations when appropriate;
  • advises the University Librarian on budget formulation; and
  • communicates library policy and priorities to the staff and the broader academic community.

Members of the LLG include:

  • AUL, Collections
  • AUL, Library & Learning Technologies
  • AUL, Library Services