Accessibility Audit (Strategic Initiative)


Project Objectives                                                          

Implement key recommendations from the University Library's recent Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Customer Service and Integrated Standards audit.

Participae in the OCUL (Ontario Consortium of University Library) ACE (Accessibile e-Portal) pilot - building a repository of accessible textbooks and creating an information toolkit for libraries.


 Project Linked to the Following University Library Strategic Initiatives:

  • #3:  Create World-Class Teaching and Learning Spaces
  • #4:   Strive for Exemplary Service that is Responsive to User Needs
  • #7:   Develop Highly-Trained, Technologically-Fluent Superlative Staff


Project Lead(s)

  • Nancy Waite


Project Members

  • Rhonda Moore
  • Margaret Rutten
  • Ed Sernie
  • Sylvia Dion
  • Sandra Rakovac

Consult with:

  • Library Services Managers
  • Janice Adlington (e-resources)


Project Scope (work the project will include and not include) 



Project Risks (circumstances or events outside the project team's control that will have a high adverse impact on the project if they occur)



Obstacles / Constraints (known constraints imposed by environment, management, etc.)

  • May encounter obstacles in implementing the recommendations of the audit (e.g. cost of new equipment, additional staff responsibilities, physical limitations of building)


Critical Milestones / Achievements                                      Proposed Dates

  • Revise / act on recommendations based on reaction from Leadership Team
  • Create new web pages to support access beyond LAS (DEFERRED)
  • Decide who will write policies, procedures


Preliminary Assessment Plan (what quantitative or qualitative tools will you use to determine if you are successful?)

  •   The audit is, itself, an assessment tool.  


 Project Update as of December 1, 2011