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(Oct 12/17) Hello, I am very confused with the new catalogue on library computer. It only seems to show e-books and the regular library catalogue is blocked for some reason. Normally Id just go on my phone to the library catalogue, but the wifi coverage in the upper floors of Mills that even this is frustrating. Thank you

Library response:

I'm sorry to hear that you're finding the new catalogue confusing. 

There are three different kinds of searches that you can do:

  1. The Quick Search tab simultaneously searches the library catalogue and the contents of several subscription and open access databases. The search results on this tab do include the Library's catalogue of both print and online resources, but the additional databases being searched mean that you will often see many more online resources.
  2. The Catalogue tab provides the same interface, but searches only McMaster’s library catalogue. This tab will show you both print and online resources, but only those that we have added to the McMaster libraries' catalogue.
  3. The Classic Catalogue link on the Library homepage takes you to a different interface. This site supports browsing of the library catalogue by author, title, subject, and others, as well as a keyword search. The search results here will include both print and online resources from the Library's catalogue, presented in a more traditional interface.



You can move from Quick Search to Catalogue by clicking the appropriate tab on the Library's homepage or in the search results screen. The Classic Catalogue is separate from the other two. Follow the link on the Library's homepage to search there.

I hope that helps to make the catalogue a little less confusing! There is much more information about the new catalogue and some of its extra features in the FAQ document linked from the Library homepage, or at 

(Oct 12/17)
Answered by: Wade Wyckoff (Associate University Librarian, Collections)