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(Jun 1/17) Hello, Within the last three weeks, I have booked HSL 1B15 (the group study room with the Mondopad) several times. The Mondopad is an excellent resource that my group and I value. However, the USB receiver component of the keyboard and mouse is missing, effectively making the keyboard and mouse unusable. We made it clear to the library staff the first time we noticed and they made it clear that they understood the issue and said that they would fix it. A couple weeks later, we asked the desk to sign out the keyboard and mouse while asking them if it was fixed. They said it was, but unfortunately, it wasnt. If this resource is not repaired, why is it still available to be signed out? Please, I ask that this issue be remedied. Perhaps with a replacement, but this time, perhaps it would be appropriate to make it policy that the USB receiver stay plugged into the Mondopad all the time (even tape it so nobody removes it).

Library response: Thank you for your message. I have connected with our library systems staff and they hope to fix the problem today. I will post another response when I hear from them that issue is resolved. In the meantime, I'd like to learn more about your experience communicating with the Library staff. Please contact me directly if you are willing to discuss this in more detail. Thank you.  (Jun 5/17)
Answered by: Jennifer McKinnell (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

I am happy to report the problem is resolved. (2017-06-08)