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(Apr 19/08) Why is there no software on the computers to unzip zipped files? It makes it very difficult to view files that are posted to medportal (the online educational system used by medical students).

Library response:

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I checked with the MedPortal folks about the number and nature of zipped files, and this was their reply: "There are only 5 or 6 zipped files (from dozens and dozens) in the Medportal downloads area. So I wouldn't say its common for files delivered through Medportal to be zipped, but sometimes it's necessary for the delivery of large files or for things like "standalone" eLearning modules that have several folders associated with them." The reason we don't have this software is not to stop the download of learning modules, but rather the issue of allowing the download of large music and video files on our public computers - some of these can take a very long time to download and our present set-up makes the clean up of files difficult.  The Learning Commons at Mills has Microsoft Unzip software on their computers, so you could use that facility.  We certainly have this on our wish list for future enhancements to our public computing.

(Apr 22/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

I disagree with the number provided by Medportal. All Pro Comp files are distributed in zipped format (attached to the body of the message - so they do not show up in the downloads section) and there are at least 1-2 files provided each week. (2008-04-29)

Our apologies. You are right, the PC material is not posted into the file download section and further investigation resulted in the following message: We currently have over 5700 forum posts (and counting) and I cant be sure about how many zipped files might be attached to these posts. Since the student mentioned there are 1 or 2 zipped files posted to the ProComp forums weekly, I took a look and that seems to be an accurate statement. I am following up with the Professional Competencies folks. Liz Bayley, Director, Health Sciences Library. (2008-04-30)

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