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(May 20/14) I waited 10 minutes at the farther end of the circulation desk (the end which is near the reserve room) before the staff who was at the desk noticed I was waiting. Is there a way we can get around this issue? Thanks!

Library response:

I'm sorry that you had to wait for service at the desk.  Unfortunately, the setup of the desk doesn't allow staff to easily see when someone is waiting at the reserve station.  Installing a mirror is not feasible as it would still require staff to continually check it.  The best bet is for our library patrons to make their presence known to staff.  Our staff do appreciate it when they are made aware that someone is waiting and are not offended when someone asks for help by saying "excuse me" or "hello" etc.  Please feel free to let staff know you are there.  You shouldn't have to wait for them to notice you.  I will also remind our staff and student assistants to stay mindful and check the reserve station regularly to see if anyone is waiting.

(May 20/14)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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