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(Jan 17/14) Can we download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as an alternate web browser onto the computers in HSL? The entire school is now using google for our McMaster email and I know many students use google docs for group work. Every time I use either of these services they prompt me to download a modern web browser as the website wont work properly on IE. At first I thought this was just a competitive strategy from Google but google docs seems to experience a lot of lag when Im using IE. Additionally, Ive tried to access OscarPlus from IE and been unable to connect- when I called UTS they suggested I try it on Mozilla and sure enough it worked fine.

Library response:

Thanks very much for your feedback.  I agree the lack of browser selection options is a problem in the Health Sciences Library.  For this reason, we are planning to add IE, Firefox and Chrome to the desktops over the next few weeks.  In the interim, I recommend borrowing one of our laptops from the Circulation Desk.  It has multiple browser options including Firefox.

(Jan 17/14)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar (Head of Systems & Public Services, Health Sciences Library)

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