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(Aug 26/13) I think that the No smelly food or meals in the library rule needs to be better enforced. Ive seen the signs around the library, however I dont think they are effective. I was studying in the Reading Pavilion when an older woman (didnt look like a student) came in to have her lunch. She proceeded to open up and eat a can of sardines. The smell was distracting to say the least, and it lingered in the air for some time afterwards. As a student, I have no problem with people eating lunches in the library, and although it should be common sense not to eat such odorous food in a public space dedicated to quiet study, the reality is that some individuals remain oblivious to the way others are affected.

Library response:

Thank you for the feedback on our food policy. I am sorry your experience in our library was not pleasant. We are in the process to re-vamping our signage and our enforcement efforts for the library food policy. The new information will be available after Labour Day. In the meantime, if you have another unpleasant experience in our space, please come and speak to a library staff member who will help to address the problem. Thanks again for your feedback.

(Aug 26/13)
Answered by: Jennifer McKinnell (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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