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(Nov 6/12) The study spaces at Mills are absolutely incredible and it was very considerate of the university to instill them; its too bad that the people using them arent. Several times I have had to either change locations within the Silent Study Area on the 6th floor even after proceeding to talk with the individuals about it. On a few occassions I have moved to the Quiet Study Area on the 4th floor, but that is hardly any better. I indicated the problem because I find myself having to go to Innis in order to use their quiet study area, and Im not even a Commerce Student. Please come up with an answer to this situation as the study areas are perfect besides these minor set backs.

Library response:

Well, first of all, we are glad you like our newly configured study spaces. We are still tweaking the Silent Study space on the 6th floor and the Quiet Study space on the 4th, by adding more signage, and soon to come, more power in both areas!

It's true that the biggest issue around these new study spaces is to make sure they are used appropriately. Library staff do walk through these areas on a fairly regular basis, but we don't have enough staff to monitor them at all times.

When someone is using the space inappropriately - usually talking, or trying to work in a group - it would be great if someone else in that study space could remind them of how the space is to be used. If there is no response, feel free to send an email to - a staff member will be dispatched to the area, so please make sure you tell us where you are - or you can talk to anyone at the service desks in any of our libraries.

We hope these spaces will be used as they were intended, but it may take some time to get people to comply. Please do your part by asking offenders to stop...we appreciate any assistance we can get with this.

(Nov 6/12)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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