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(Oct 30/12) I know the computers at Mills were recently replaced, but for some reason not all of them work. I typed in google in the address bar, and as soon as I clicked Enter it deleted it and put the mcmaster website in the address bar again automatically. The icon kept turning as if it was loading, but nothing happened, and this was on two different computers. Why are links not connecting as soon as you click them? Very slow or unresponsive connection. Also, I am lamenting that we are discarding a huge amount of books and sending them off to Syria of all places, as someone told me during the Spring 2012 term. It seems books are disposable, but then if we lose a book I was told it would be $100 charge to replace, regardless of the title, with an additional $25 service fee. Good thing I found it but these charges seem arbitrary and out of proportion, especially if its an obscure title that may be on the chopping block anyway. Lastly, we appreciate good librarians in the library who know the worth of good books! Thank you.

Library response:

Please do let us know the location and, if possible, the number of the computer that had these issues. We haven't had general issues of this type and would like to address the machine with the issues.

Regarding the loading speed, this is a chronic issue that results from a combination of factors, some of which we control, others of which are beyond us. We are working on solutions, and hopefully will resolve most of the issues in the near future.

(Nov 2/12)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

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