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(Sep 20/12) I really like what youve done with the sixth floor! It is now one of the best study spots on campus in my opinion. Unfortunately, there often seems to be a lack of understanding on behalf of many of the students there is as to what silent study means. I regularly experience groups of people chatting over a few study booths, people watching movies with no headphones, and even answering their phones. This gross lack of respect makes it quite difficult to work, and undermines the entire purpose of the space. Solutions I can think of include increased patrols of the area, and or stands in front of every entrance reminding people of the rules and purpose of the floor. Personally, I dont like spending all my time asking people to be quiet, but so anything you could do in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Library response:

We're glad you like this new Silent Study space, and hope that you will spread the word to all your friends!

Our apologies for the delay installing appropriate signage in this area. Signs will be posted this week. We have already updated the Study Space section of the website, which can be found at A reminder that new Quiet Study spaces have been created on the 4th floor of Mills and the 2nd floor of Thode.

We will do our best to monitor this space, but due to limited staffing would ask that students first speak themselves to anyone who is not following the Silent Study space expectations. If you are unsuccessful, please feel free to send an email to We will then send a staff member to come and speak with anyone not respecting everyone's need for a truly Silent Study space.

Feel free to continue to report any problems you may have in this area.

(Sep 25/12)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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