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(Mar 5/12) I write this suggestion fully cognisant of the fact that it will not be posted or responded to...I have written critical comments of the library and the management team before, and surprisingly, they have not appeared for public view. There seems to be a serious disconnect between the library management team and the student body. A decision was recently made to undergo cosmetic changes to the library at one of the busiest times of the school year. Instead of making these changes during the summer months (May-August). Simultaneous to the remodelling of the first floor, all of the study space on the fifth floor was taken away. While I welcome improvements to the library, common sense should be applied. Do this work during the summer - not during midterms. Moreover, stop the assault on study space! Think of the student when making decisions!

Library response:

Thanks for your comments. I am sorry you are frustrated by some of recent activities.

We took advantage of Reading Week and the expected lack of students in Mills to replace the remaining section of the 1st floor study area. This work did get completed on time, but unfortunately we ran into a technical glitch when finishing this new flooring surface, which did not get resolved until late this afternoon. We were not able to let students start using this space again until this problem was resolved. We will be re-opening the 1st floor study space again tomorrow morning. Over the next few weeks this renovated study area will be completed, with new tabletops and new study chairs.

Over the summer months we will be converting the 6th floor of Mills into a Silent Study space, housing more than 250 individual study carrels. To do this we must move all of the collections and shelving off this floor, relocating it to the 5th floor. It will take all of the summer break to get this new space ready, so in preparation we took advantage of the time during Reading Week to install some new compact shelving on the 5th floor. Unfortunately this did mean we had to remove a group of study carrels. We have tried to make as many of these available for students elsewhere, but space is tight, so we have admittedly had to put some into areas where they cannot be used.

We are sorry that these two activities appear to have impacted students negatively, but in order to get the work we need done over the summer completed on schedule it was necessary to start now. We have very small windows in which this kind of work can be done, which more often these days requires us to do some work during term time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we ask that you be patient with us as we work towards preparing these new study spaces, and hope that you are pleased with the result.

(Mar 5/12)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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