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(Feb 21/12) your computers need updates BAADLY. Java is out of date on all pcs, and freezeson macs. I cant access any of my important tutorials thanks to this.

Library response: It really helps to know where this problem is occurring. You indicated all PCs and Macs, but I'm not sure which library you meant. At any rate, I'll share this feedback with the appropriate staff.  (Feb 27/12)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

Follow-up Comments:

Heard back from my staff that this may be due to tutorials in Avenue that link to outside (i.e.- content that can be embedded within a tutorial. If one bypasses the proxy logon where one is requested to enter the MacID and password, such tutorials will fail. We could really narrow this down if we knew which tutorials had the issue. Can you provide more details? The Java version was actually fairly recent (given how often Java iterates), but to be safe our staff updated it to the current version. D. Askey (2012-02-29)