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(Feb 1/12) Mills Library, on the 4th floor where there is designated Quiet Study space (where you are not to have any talking, cell phones, food/drink or laptops) is actually terrible for keeping quiet. I understand that Mills in general is probably not the recommended place to be if one wants actual quiet space to study, but a lot of the times, I (and others) have no choice as other libraries are full or too far to go to for simple study time. Please, (I dont know if this is already something that is enforced or if it is just ignored) could reinforcement be made that these designated spots need to be legitimately quiet? It is incredibly difficult to study with other distractions, even more so when these places are expected to be quiet. Many times, students have tons of other places to go to talk or study together yet they choose designated quiet spots. Especially the room that is supposed to be 100% no laptops, talking, etc. on the fourth floor. Any reinforcement (so that I and others will be able to actually peacefully study) will be greatly appreciated. I understand that it is not the staffs fault (I definitely do not put the blame on staff or people that supervise certain floors etc.) that others are talking, but maybe by enforcing it a little stronger, being strict on the rules, people will finally get the point.

Library response:

Thanks for your comment. We do have staff patrol through the Silent Study room on the 4th floor on a fairly regular basis during the evenings, when we usually receive the most complaints, and while there they try to do a walk through of the larger Quiet Study area. As you note, the real problem is lack of study seats in the libraries, so students are sitting anywhere, not choosing their study space by the type of space as it has been designated. 

We are working on adding more study space to the libraries. Just last week we re-opened the 2nd floor of Thode Library which now has 400 seats intended for individual study only. More than 2/3's of these spaces have power. We are hoping that students who want quiet, individual study will gravitate to this area, leaving the 1st floor of Thode for group study. 

Additionally, for next fall we plan to have the entire 6th floor of Mills designated as Silent Study. This area will be furnished with carrels, not tables, to help keep the area Silent. 

We ask for your patience as we re-purpose some of our spaces. We do understand how important Quiet and Silent study spaces are for our users, and we are doing our best to provide these.


(Feb 2/12)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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