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(Dec 10/11) SCOPUS is not availabe from 1 month ago. This database belongs to Elsevier ScienceDirect. When I try to connect it via Libaccess, it says:
(You cannot connect to Scopus because you are outside your institutes access range.
Please contact your library or administrator and ask for a free Username and Password. You will then be able to access Scopus anytime, anywhere.)
It is worthy to note that this problem occers only for Scopus database and just from 1 month ago. Does the access to Scopus is expired?
Are you planning to make it available again? I need to access it frequently.

Library response:

McMaster University does not maintain a subscription to Scopus; however, this database was accessible for approximately one month during October on a trial basis only.

Kind regards,


(Dec 12/11)
Answered by: Andrea McLellan (Head of Collections and Technical Services, School of Medicine Liaison)

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