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(Oct 25/11) It is extremely frustrating that many of the computers do not have Microsoft Word installed on them. Any time I try to open up Microsoft Word, there is always an issue where it just does not open up because: a) its not installed b) notifications asking you to install specific programs in order to load up Word I do not understand why the computers cannot be maintained regularly and consistently; It is a complete waste of time when you have to switch from computer to computer in order to find a properly working computer. I would really appreciate it, if someone could look at this issue. Thanks.

Library response:

Thank you for providing this feedback. As always, when reporting issues with computers, please give us a machine number so that we can locate the specific computers.

 I check with my crew, and can provide the following information:

- We don't have MS Office available on all public machines for budgetary reasons. It is installed on all machines on level 2 in Mills as well as on all machines in Thode and Innis.

- When using a Mac that has MS Office, you will see the customization screen pop up where you can enter your initials, as is typical with a first run of newly installed Office software. This occurs because we run programs to clean the computers between users.

- This should not be occurring, however, on PCs, so if it is, please let us know exactly where and we will investigate.

One thing we could do to make things more uniform and less troublesome would be to replace MS Office with Open or Libre Office. Would that be a viable solution for you? 

(Oct 27/11)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

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