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(Oct 24/11) Please give MORRIS back to me. And please -- as a matter of technical policy -- dont turn off any legacy way of doing catalog searches until you are sure that every last student who ever used an old way is long gone from the university. Your new catalogue implementation is pretty horrible at this point, not news to you Im sure. But critical now at mid-semester is that Export to RefWorks from the book catalogue does not work (from e-journal DBMSs it is fine). After logging into RefWorks, you wait and wait then finally import failed is always the message. Please prioritize this fix! Thank you

Library response:

Thanks for the feedback. You hit the nail on the head, and all I can say is we're aware of the issues and working through them one at a time. A few details, at least, might help answer some things.

It's not possible, alas, to leave legacy systems running in parallel to new systems. The reasons for that are myriad, but there's no way around it, not least in a contractual sense. In this particular case, we did not manage the transition as well as we could have for myriad reasons, one of which was that I assumed my position in the middle of the migration from one system to the other, so the interface work got underway far too late due to that.

The good news I can share is that the RefWorks issue, previously identified, has been moved up the queue for remediation, as have the other functions next to it on records (emailing and 'cite this'). The other good news is that our catalogue will get better, step by step. Thanks for your patience, and for pointing out this particular issue.

(Oct 24/11)
Answered by: Dale Askey (Associate University Librarian, Library Learning Technologies)

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