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(Jan 12/11) UpToDate is one of the most widespread and reliable sources for medically relevant information available in an electronic form. From speaking to various doctors, it is their recommendation as a source to turn to for medically relevant information. The fact that this resource is available on campus only is inconvenient, and I strongly recommend finding a way to allow accessibility of this resource through libaccess so that students can refer to it from locations other than campus.

Library response:

Thank you for your suggestion regarding UpToDate.  The Health Sciences Library licenses many excellent evidence-based resources;  unfortunately, UpToDate is not available off-campus.  The reason for this restriction is due to the fact that UpToDate is prohibitively expensive for universities to license for off-campus access.  An individual license is much more reasonable, and costs approximately as much as a standard medical textbook.  Purchasing an individual subscription is an option to consider if you find on-campus access inconvenient.  Another option would be to investigate our other evidence-base point-of-case resources :

 Kind regards,


(Jan 20/11)
Answered by: Andrea McLellan (Head of Collections and Technical Services, School of Medicine Liaison)

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