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(Oct 29/10) You need to change the print default settings from double-sided. You are not saving paper because we need to re-print. Profs dont accept double sided so it makes no sense to have it as your default! Take a little more of my money! (Written comments submitted through our suggestion box - Oct. 26th/10)

Library response:

Thanks for your comments.  The change to a default double sided printing came not only from the University’s Sustainability initiative but also from our library users asking us to default to double sided printing from our online suggestion box.

With our new PrintSmart system our users have more control over what and how they are printing and copying documents.   When you are sending your print job, you can select single sided from the print properties tab.   We are happy to help you and we don’t want you spending extra money on copies you don’t want, so please ask any of our staff to assist you and we can ensure you get your copies the way you want them. 

Thanks again for your comments.

(Oct 29/10)
Answered by: Ann Pearce (Supervisor, Information Services, Innis Library)

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