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(Oct 19/10) I was wondering why there is no clear general contact information WITH the extensions to the front desks for the libraries. I checked the MAC website, no extension found there, I even googled and still nothing. Even the McMaster operators at the switchboard cant put me through directly to the front desk, instead they give me ex:22010. And when I call, I always just get voice-mail (even within hours of operation). How are students supposed to contact resources if there not available? Its frustrating because its SO simple include EVERY extension on a website... but its not done, and if it is somewhere its extremely hard to find it on the library website. So, what is the actual extension for Mills front desk and where can we find this info? & for the future please have a CLEAR and FULL contact list visible on the library website

Library response: Thanks for your suggestion and we're sorry you were having difficulties getting in touch with us.  Here is the link on the library website which provides you with all of the front desk extensions for Mills, Innis and Thode:

The extensions are all called "Library Services" and in some cases a different extension is provided depending on whether you want to chat with someone about circulation, research help or interlibrary loan.

The other extension that you mentioned (22010) which was where the McMaster switchboard was sending you will also direct you to the front desks of the libraries by choosing the various options (i.e. for Innis press 2, for Thode press 3, etc.)

What I suspect might have happened is that you were calling after hours in which case those front desks are not staffed and the phone likely rang for a period of time and then went to a voicemail.  Another possibility was that the desk was simply very busy with lineups of patrons and were unable to make it to the phone.  I hope this helps to clear up any confusion you had regarding phone number extensions in the library.  If not, please let us know! (Oct 25/10)
Answered by: Catherine Baird (Marketing, Communications and Outreach Librarian)
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