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(Apr 22/10) The Bathrooms in libraries are the filthiest on campus! (yes, even worse than the student centre) They should be cleaned much more often. More specifically, in Mills and Thode.

Library response:

Thanks for your comments. We will pass along this concern to the supervisor of our custodians, but we also acknowledge that it can be very hard to keep our spaces clean given the number of people using them. Did you know we have an average of 6,000 people entering Mills each day, peaking at around 10,000 per day, and 3,000 per day @ Thode? Our custodians are responsible for cleaning and maintaining washrooms, garbage removal, vacumming, washing floors and during the winter months, snow removal! 

We can all do our part by making sure we dispose of our garbage/recycling and clean up the work area we were using when we leave, giving the custodians more time to take care of maintaining the priority areas, like our washrooms!

(Apr 23/10)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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