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(Apr 17/10) The health sciences library offers many great services for students. Laptops, study rooms, supportive staff. Yet, if fails to ensure what every library needs, and thats silence. If you stand anywhere in health sciences library, it sounds like a part of the student centre. The history of medicine room is an exception to this, but in a large and newly renovated library, this should not be the only exception. I am not sure how to resolve this because the design of the health sciences library with open tables lends itself to such an environment, but perhaps having staff to remind students to be mindful of those studying could be an option. thanks,

Library response:

We have several areas designated as quiet study space, including the History of Health and Medicine Room and the carrels at the bottom of the stairs, plus the Reserve Reading Room on the upper level.  In addition, we have a silent study area outside the History of Health and Medicine Room.

Over the past week, I have walked around the library to monitor the noise, and have found it to be much quieter than I have ever found the Student Centre!  We have reminded staff to monitor the noise too, particularly in the Silent Study area. The open design, especially the entrance and the staircase, are very challenging for noise containment.

We will be designing a sign to remind our patrons to respect the requirements of others for quiet to study.  This will certainly be in place for the next exam period in particular.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention,


(Apr 27/10)
Answered by: bannisl,Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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