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(Mar 18/10) Why are the computers (not laptops) so slow? The computers constantly freeze for no reason. Simply opening microsoft word, it freezes majorly. These computers are not up to par at all, performance wise. Also, I went by the door of Innis late one night when it was closed and shockingly saw that a bunch of the computers were still left on! One, your wasting energy, and two, your running the computers for no reason which will cause overheating of computers if theyre on day and night! Please fix the computers in Innis!

Library response:

Thank you for your comments and I’m sorry to hear about the problems you are having with our computers.   We are unable to upgrade our computers at this time; hopefully we can in the near future.  Our Systems department has checked our computers and noticed that Microsoft Word was sluggish on some of them.   They are hoping that re-imaging these computers will take care of the slow response time.  If you encounter any more problems please do let us know.   This way we can see if it is the same computers causing the problems.  We do appreciate your comments as it helps us to help you.  

I can understand your concerns regarding the computers being left on all night and possibly overheating.  The computers are left on to allow for any necessary and important updates.  Our Systems department assures us that if the fans are working properly it is unlikely the CPUs will overheat. 

Thank you again for making us aware of this problem.

(Apr 9/10)
Answered by: Ann Pearce (Supervisor, Information Services, Innis Library)

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