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(Feb 6/08) I would like all McMaster University students to be able to book the study rooms at the Health Sciences library.

Library response: Thank you for your suggestion, which has been made several times before. The educational programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences require the students to meet as groups to complete their work. Therefore, as our primary users, they get precedence for booking study rooms. As I noted in my response to a previous suggestion, as more programs move to a problem-based/inquiry-based format, the need to create more group study rooms is recognized. More group study rooms are planned for the Thode Library renovation and all of those rooms will be open and bookable by the entire campus community using the online room booking service. When the other libraries set up a laptop lending program, we extended the Health Sciences Library lending to all McMaster students. In the same way, once more study rooms are available in Thode, we will certainly re-examine our policies. (Feb 6/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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