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(Jan 28/10) this is for ALL libraries - but esp Mills. Why are there NO recycling bins for cans/bottles? EVERY NIGHT I see bottles placed on top of the newspaper recycling bins because people are trying to do the right thing (recycle) but of course janitors see this as a mess and end up throwing these plastic bottles in the garbage - what a bloody waste. Here we are trying to hammer in the benefits and responsibilities of recyling and then the ENTIRE school has next to ZERO facilities to help the process. There are NO bins on the upper floors of Mills and I am sure the same thing goes for every other library. All the bins are downstairs but people are not prepared to take their trash downstairs (and I DO NOT blame them). Please GET RID of the ample garbage bins on the upper/first floors of ALL the libraries and place MORE recycling bins (lets practice what we preach, shall we?)

Library response:

Thanks for your email. You are correct. We don't have enough recycling containers on the upper floors of Mills. We have recently undertaken a survey of all the refuse containers in the building and are in the process of finalizing a plan to keep garbage and recycling containers in all areas. Coming soon! Thanks for your patience.

We will take a look at Thode and Innis as well to see how we can improve the situation in those locations as well.

(Jan 29/10)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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