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(Jan 25/10) Iíve noticed recently that quiet study space in both Thode and Mills library is depleting. Though I can appreciate that many of the changes to the libraries are valuable (for some students) it is close to impossible to find a comfortable, quiet workspace on campus. The alternative locations offered for study spaces moved from first and third floor Thode and 4th floor mills are inadequate. They lack natural light, are stuffy, and overfilled (both with desks and students). Plans for the Health Forum and Lyons New Media Centre are interesting but I was wondering if the university had any plans to create new study spaces.

Library response: Thanks for your message. While it is true that our quiet study space is somewhat reduced as we are renovating many of our spaces, we are committed to making sure there is the correct balance of group, quiet and silent study space at the end of the road. Unfortunately this will not be realized for a while yet. We thank you for your patience during this stage of our transformation. (Jan 28/10)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services),bannisl

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