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(Jan 18/10) I am just wondering what the general policy is for the use of the computers by people who are clearly not students at mac, and where it is available. I often see children watching cartoons, patients and staff from the hospital using the computers when there are students waiting to use them.

Library response: The Health Sciences Library is both a university library and also a hospital library for staff located at the McMaster Campus of Hamilton Health Sciences.  Thus, faculty, staff, students, hospital staff and patients regularly use our facilities to locate health information.  As a publicly funded institution, we are also a community resource.  Our policy is that the computers in the Library Learning Commons are intended for health research and educational pursuits.  During peak periods, users may be asked to vacate if they are not engaged in these activities.  IT staff regularly monitors the area often asking uses to leave when the computer are used inappropriately.  If the computers are busy, please inform staff at the Information & Circulation Desk to explore the options available.    Neera Bhatnagar (Head of Systems, Health Sciences Library) (Jan 22/10)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar

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