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(Dec 26/09) I would like to recommend a book that I used last semester at another college for purchase by the library. Information is as follows:
Title: Todays White Collar Crime: Legal, Investigative, & Theoretical Perspectives
Author: Brightman, Hank J.
Publisher: Routledge, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-415-99611-2
Price: $59.95
This book is very comprehensive, and covers a wide range of topics including corporate fraud, government corruption, computer crime, and other timely subjects.

Library response:

Thanks for your suggestion! I've added a copy of this to our book orders.

McMaster students, faculty, and staff are welcome to recommend purchases using the form on our website: 

(Jan 8/10)
Answered by: Wade Wyckoff (Associate University Librarian, Collections)

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