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(Dec 10/09) Why is it that you have to be a Health Sci student to book a room in advance at the Health Science Library? You dont have to be in a specific faculty to book a room in Innis, Thode or Mills. To be fair, students from any faculty should be allowed to book a room in advance at Health Science Library.

Library response: You and many others are probably not aware that the Health Sciences Library reports directly to the Faculty of Health Sciences and is separate from the University Library.  As a result, our mandate does indeed focus on the needs of the faculty and students in the Faculty of Health Sciences.  Because of the requirements of the FHS students to work in a self-directed, small group format, the Health Sciences Library was renovated to meet those needs. The only privilege these students have is the ability to pre-book the study rooms.  All other facilities and resources, including use of our collection, computers, laptops, comfortable chairs, study carrels and large group tables are open to everyone on campus. Our statistics show that over 50% of the students using the library and borrowing the laptops are non-FHS students. Study rooms are available to all McMaster students (not faculty or staff - who complain about this) on a first come first served basis if they haven't been pre-booked.
(Dec 10/09)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

I think this association needs to be removed or else the library should be closed to non-FHS population. It is a pain in the ass to have so many FHS focused resources just because of funding inequalities! REPLY: I find it hard to take this suggestion seriously! The Health Sciences Library is a wonderful facility, with over 50% of its users being non-FHS students. They can use the collection, the computers, the laptops, the study carrels, the Reading Pavilion, the History of Health and Medicine Room and yes, even the group study rooms! The only thing they cant do is book a study room in advance. You really think the library should be closed to non-FHS students for this reason? -- Liz Bayley, Director, Health Sciences Library (2010-03-24)

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