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(Nov 11/09) Hello, This is in response to the wireless access at Health Sci library. I rarely ever can get a lasting signal, and it has gotten so bad that I have to find other study spaces when I know I will need internet and dont want to work on a campus computer. I realize that the library is busy, but I often have this problem even early in the day when it is still quiet. And I am sure it is not only my computer, as I have used two separate computers here with the same issue - and complained along with many friends about the poor wireless connection here! Id love it if my favourite library had better internet access. Thank you.

Library response: Thank you for your comment on improving wireless access in the library.  We appreciate the feedback and hope to continue to be your favourite library.  Accessing the Internet involves many issues so further investigations may be necessary to determine the source of the problems you are experiencing.  The Library performed a test earlier this afternoon in an attempt to replicate the problem. Our investigation showed that while we had exceeded capacity on the number of laptops in use in the library, the IT staff could successfully connect to the wireless network throughout the area.  However, we did notice that the response time was slower in some sections of the library.  I should also mention that on a number of days over the past two weeks, the entire campus has been experiencing network problems affecting both wireless and wired access.  The situation you are describing here may have occurred on one of those occasions.  If you experience problems connecting to the wireless network again, please inform us immediately.  Our IT staff will then be able to conduct a more thorough investigation. Another option is to bring a network cable along with your laptop.  Then you will be able to access the Internet using the wired connections available in the group rooms, the large e-tables and in the quiet study space   Neera Bhatnagar, Head of Systems (Nov 16/09)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar,Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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