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(Nov 1/09) You should drop the rule about how only health science students can reserve rooms. I went to the Health Sciences library on Friday to reserve a room for a later time because all other study rooms were booked. There was a room available but they said I couldnt reserve it since I was not in health sciences. They suggested that I come back closer to the time and the room probably would still be available. It was not when I came back and it is really unfair that all other faculty based libraries do not have restrictions about what faculty you are in to reserve rooms but the health sciences library discriminates against other students not in health sciences. It is hard enough to even find empty space and I have been resorted to study in hall ways many times. If you continue with this rule that only allows Health Science students to be able to reserve rooms, then you must consider making a rule for other libraries that restrict health science students from booking their rooms.

Library response:

The Health Sciences Library does indeed serve the Faculty of Health Sciences students as its primary users.  This is because the FHS educational programs require that their students work in small groups; as a result, the Library was renovated to meet their needs.  We are not discriminating against other students, including yourself, but we are trying to meet the special needs of our students.  The rooms are only bookable by students (not faculty or staff), and only for them to work in groups.

I understand your frustration in trying to find suitable study space.  There are no restrictions on any of our other facilities or services.  I don't know if health sciences students book rooms in the other libraries; I have no control over the rules for the other libraries on campus, but you could take this up with the University Library. 

(Nov 2/09)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library),bannisl

Follow-up Comments:

I will forward your suggestions to the Innis Library for reply. -- Liz Bayley, Director, Health Sciences Library. (2009-11-08)

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