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(Aug 3/09) I suggest that you should reconsider restricting food and drink consumption in the library as the library is becoming saturated with grease and coffee stains. I would be interested to learn about the reasons why food has been allowed in McMaster Libraries as this policy does not make sense to me. It seems to me that one reason might be to get students into the library, which smells more of a marketing gimmick than a strategy for higher learning.

Library response:

Thank you very much for your comment.  We decided to allow food in the libraries (except in areas such as the Silent Study Rooms) because we wanted to make our users' lives easier.  We thought that people should not be forced to get up and leave the building, interrupting their study time, just to eat a snack.

It was not a way to attract students to the library.  In fact, during peak times, library spaces are already used very heavily and we don't feel we need to give people reasons to come and use these spaces.  You are already doing that!

While we appreciate your comment, it is unlikely that we will change our food policy at this point in time.  However, the cleanliness of our spaces is important to us.  I'm going to pass along your suggestion to our Associate University Librarian in charge of the building and facilities.

UPDATE (response to comment): Thanks for your comment and I apologize for the confusion.  You have identified a page with information that conflicts with the "Regulations Governing Personal Behaviour in the University Library".

I hope to have the page you identified updated shortly to reflect the new policy regarding food in the University Library.

UPDATE 2:  The outdated policy has now been removed.


(Aug 7/09)
Answered by: Catherine Baird (Marketing, Communications and Outreach Librarian),bannisl

Follow-up Comments:

From the General Regulations for McMaster University Libraries Found on the Library website E. Food, Drink and Smoking Smoking and eating are generally prohibited anywhere within the perimeters of the campus libraries. The consumption of beverages is allowed only in public lounges and study areas, and only from nonspillable, reusable containers. Also, the reason Mills is so busy is that it has become a social gathering place (with people talking loudly on their cell phones, surfing porn on the internet, and so on). It is refered to by students as Club Mills for a reason. (2009-08-17)

there are HOPELESS rules in place everywhere. On the one hand, food is not permitted in the computer labs (because of the computers). Then, on the other hand, the libraries DO allow food while working on computers. is HOPELESS even the word for such a rule? not sure... either FOOD IS allowed near computing facilities or FOOD IS WHICH IS IT??????? someone care to explain the rationing behind these COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS rules? (2009-09-30)

The computer labs on campus you are referring to are administered by University Technology Services (UTS) and the computing areas in the library are administered by library administration. If there are differences in the rules of use for these different computing areas, that would be the reason. (2009-10-01)

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