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(Jul 20/09) - stay open later in the summer - let science students book rooms in advance - mac book laptops - sometimes its too cold (paper suggestion entered by HS staff - C. Erskine)

Library response:

Extend Summer Hours

We will certainly note your suggestion regarding extending our summer hours.  Traditionally activity in the Library dwindles in the summer but we will monitor this for the future.


Health Sciences Library Group Study Room:  Prebooking for science students

We are happy to offer study rooms to any students on campus.  Faculty of Health Sciences programs require many group-based activities and as a result there is heavy use of study rooms by FHS students during the school year.  For that reason we allow FHS students to prebook study rooms.  Please note than prebooking of study rooms is available at other libraries on campus, Mills, Innes, and Thode:


MAC Laptops

We currently do not provide MAC laptops for lending.  MAC systems are particularly strong for multimedia, desktop publishing, fine art, etc.  The additional cost of purchasing MACs  would be justified if it were in support of programs that require specialized software. As it stands, FHS programs require basic productivity software and statistical programs. Basic computer programs like SPSS, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, function very well in the PC environment.  We feel that it is more cost efficient, both interms of purchase price and staff support, to provide PC laptops. 

Library is Cold:

There are days when we would agree completely!  The old heating and air conditioning system in the hospital does not allow for fine temperature control. It is issue that we continue to address and we appreciate your feedback.

(Jul 20/09)
Answered by: Andrea McLellan (Head of Collections and Technical Services, School of Medicine Liaison),bannisl

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