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(Jul 6/09) Allow those in the medical radiation science to book out a study room in advance. (paper suggestion entered by staff - C. Erskine).

Library response:

The request to be given the ability to advance book study rooms in the Health Sciences Library has been raised before by students in and other faculties. Unfortunately, the policy regarding the pre-booking of study room in the Health Sciences Library was created to accommodate the problem based learning formats and the associated assessment exercises used within the Faculty of Health Sciences. At McMaster, Medical Radiation Sciences students are not considered part of the Faculty of Health Sciences. This should not prevent you from being able to use the rooms when they are available. It is only the pre-booking that is restricted to FHS students. However, as more programs move to a problem-based/inquiry-based format, the need to create more group study spaces on campus has been recognized at both McMaster and Mohawk College. Both Mills and Thode libraries offer a number of bookable group study rooms, and there are plans to enhance the group study space in Thode in the future. In addition, the Library at IAHS also provides access to bookable group study rooms for students enrolled in the Medical Radiation Sciences program. Jennifer McKinnell, Head of Public Services, Health Sciences Library

(Jul 7/09)
Answered by: Jennifer McKinnell (Director, Health Sciences Library),bannisl

Follow-up Comments:

What about students in the biochemistry program. To my knowledge, they are part of the faculty of health science? (2009-08-25)

Actually, undergraduate biochemistry students are in the Faculty of Science not the Faculty of Health Sciences.  Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library) Liz Bayley (Director/Head of Systems) (2009-08-26)

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