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(May 26/09) Its a shame that the new computers in Mills are so filthy and abused. The one on which Imtrying to write this has clearly had coffee spilled on it and so its space bar isnt working properly (the Imtrying wasnt a joke, thats actually how it came out). Why isnt there more enforcement? I see someone sitting at the information desk day after day, especially during the regular terms. Maybe the person there could every half hour take a quick walk around Club Mills and make sure nobodys eating or drinking around the computers. I dont mean to be flip, but it would literally take five minutes. Its especially necessary during the regular terms, and wouldnt hurt during the summer too. Thank you.

Library response: You're quite right, the public computers see such a high volume of use during the school year that such issues are inevitable. All public machines in the libraries undergo a thorough cleaning every summer and I'm happy to report that the cleaning crew started on the computers in Mills yesterday (May 25th). Hopefully they'll get to that sticky space bar soon! (May 26/09)
Answered by: Amanda Etches-Johnson (User Experience Librarian)

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