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(May 11/09) With the advent of the summer term, there need to be new rules implemented in the study spaces in Mills Library. While I am aware that the second floor is not designated as a quiet space, students more often use this space as one now that the traffic has diminished considerably in the library. This being said, it is very bothersome when a few students choose to talk loudly on the computers when the students around them are studying. Why should the rules defer to these loud students who choose to make their conversations public? Again, I realize that the second floor is not a quiet zone, but how is it fair that one or two students get to dictate the use of the library space for everyone else? I would also be interested in obtaining information about why so many of the study spaces in Mills have been converted to group study areas. Is this decision reflected in the mission or mandate for Mills library? Does it reflect a larger trend in Canadian universities? Was the decision to convert the spaces based on student demand? Making this information available to interested students might allay some of the concerns voiced on this feedback page about adequate study space.

Library response:

We do not make any attempt to keep the Learning Commons side of the 2nd floor of Mills quiet, but you will usually find the Research Help side is quieter.

We would encourage you to choose the type of study space most conducive to your studying style.  We are working on zoning various types of Study Space throughout our libraries. More information can be found at

Like many other libraries in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada, we have created many new "group study" spaces since more and more of our users are working more collaboratively these days. We do realize there is a need for both Quiet and Silent study spaces as well, which we continue to work towards providing more of.  

The library is currently undertaking several construction projects which have temporarily changed up some of our study spaces but we have a plan in place to re-define study space types for the fall.


(Jul 3/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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