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(Apr 27/09) Personally I find the temperature for the libraries unbelievably cold. Currently it is 22 degrees outside and I did not think I would need a sweater. Im now sitting at my cubicle with goosebumps on my arms even though I am wearing jeans and an appropriate length tshirt. Im unable to focus because it is so cold. I understand if the weather outside was cold and we were being moderate with heating to be cost efficient or eco friendly..but why is the A/C on so high? Its slightly surreal having to pack a bulky sweater in your bag, walk through warm sunshine and put it on while indoors.

Library response: Unfortunately there is a campus wide plan for switching from heat to cooling and back again each year. The A/C is actually not turned on until May, so at this time of the year the heat is still on but is probably turned way down since we had a little bit of a heat spell in the middle of the month. We often have a problem where it is hot outside and we can't turn off the heat inside, but this did not happen this year. We will try to do better to respond where we can to fluctuating outdoor temperatures. (Jul 3/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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