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(Apr 18/09) Why do staff not ask people to be quiet in the library unless there are complaints? By the time a complaint comes in, its already too late. I heard a rumor that (in Mills), staff are told to not do this. This is ridiculous - its a library and people want to study. The university is in dire shortage of good, quality study space without these issues, why arent they being addressed? If people want to go, grab a bite to eat and gab, there are countless other places they can go. A message needs to be sent that the library is a place for serious study, not the nonsense its by and large being used for now.

Library response:

Unfortunately we just don't have enough staff to monitor noise levels in our study spaces, but as has been previously stated we will respond to noise complaints in areas which have been designated as Silent Study areas.

We are working on zoning various types of study spaces in all our libraries so each user can choose to use the type of space most appropriate to their individual study habits. More information can be found at

We would also encourage users who find it too noisey in Silent Spaces to remind their fellow users that these spaces are intended to be quiet and suggest they move to an area more suited to their study style.


(Jul 3/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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