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(Mar 19/09) hi there - the new signs posted in the Mills Silent rooms are clearly not working. These rooms need to be patrolled to scare everyone into not even THINKING about using their laptops, cellphones, etc in these rooms. also, is there any chnce one of the floors at Mills can be converted into a Silent floor (eg floor 3 or another floor). As people head for the library even on a supposedly quiet 3rd floor you all of a sudden hear loud yelling and people thinking they are free to use cellphones, etc..BUT THE NOISE CARRIES all over the floor, completely defeating the quiet nature of the area. so a silent floor would be appreciated where cellphones, iPods, etc..are mandated to be shut off when on the floor. thank you for your assistance.

Library response:

Thanks for your comment. We do try to patrol the Silent Study room on the 3rd floor of Mills when we are in the area, but do not have sufficient staff to do this on a regular basis. We will always respond to noise complaints so feel free to come to the main desk if there is a need to enforce the regulations in that room.

Having a separate floor for Silent Study is something we have talked about but would require the movement of most of the collection. We do realize the need to try to zone study space in all libraries and will be attempting to do this even more over the next few months.

As we move closer to Exam Period we will be zoning the library into more Quiet Study areas. Signs will be posted approximately a week before exams begin.

(Mar 20/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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