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(Mar 17/09) Could there be Microsoft Office 2007 or 2007 readers put on the computer? I hate doing a lot of work at home on Word 2007 then have to reformat everything here before I print it out because the library only has the 2003 version.

Library response:

Ah yes, Microsoft versions!  We install the same version on our public computers as the one University Technology Services mounts in the student technology centres, which is presently Microsoft Office 2003; we are waiting to hear if they are upgrading to 2007 over the summer, in which case we will too.  If not, we will investigate a 2007 reader as you have suggested.  Of course, a change in printers may also result in the need to reformat, so an upgrade on our public workstations may not resolve all of your problems.

(Mar 17/09)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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