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(Mar 1/09) Its become practically impossible to study in much of Thode. Before the changes came in (big open computer area, cafe), it was somewhat easy to find a spot to sit down and quietly work. But now between the Club Mills effect of the computers and the cafe stinking up at least the first and second floors as well as providing even more noise (refrigeration and cooking equipment is very loud - extremely loud for a proper library environment) quiet has been very much murdered in most of the library. On top of that, the students who actually want to study (instead of eating, chatting, or screwing around on the Internet) are now pushed even closer together in our feed lot study spaces. This makes things yet more noisy and makes finding a space to study even more difficult. The cafe was a horrible idea to begin with, but not sound-proofing it was the icing on the cake of stupid. Im sure its making enough money to pay for such a thing - and if it wanted to be a good citizen of the library, it would do so. So, either sound (and smell) proof the cafe or evict it, please! As for the computer area, could there at least be put up a very large Please Be Quiet signs? I know you want to make the undergrads happy, but it doesnt take much to whisper instead of yell (and yelling often happens in this area). Thode is on its last legs - please help it before its too late!

Library response:

Thanks for your comment.

We have been trying to address the noise issues by zoning various types of study space. You will have noticed that the furniture configurations changed quite a bit over reading week.

We would encourage you to give the new Quiet Study area on the lower level a try. Take a look at this news item to see what other changes took place.

(Mar 5/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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