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(Feb 22/09) Removing the group study space in the basement and putting the individual study cubicles was a really bad idea. Many people use this space for group study/projects etc. This leaves very little space for group study/collaboration.

Library response:

While we did move the carrels to the lower level, we also moved most of the tables to the back of the 1st floor and to the 2nd floor along the windows, with the intent that these would be used by groups. Most of these tables have now been powered up so that laptops can more easily be used in these areas as well.

We have identified the lower level as the Quiet Study area and the 3rd floor as the Silent Study area, since we have received many complaints about how noisy the 1st floor can be at times.

Many of these changes were made over Reading Week - please see our news item about all these changes.

Update: please note that many of the tables at the back of the 1st floor of Thode have now been powered up and are perfect for group study! We have also added larger tables with power to the 2nd floor along both window aisles. We hope you find these newly configured spaces useful for your group work.

(Mar 5/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

Follow-up Comments:

I agree, trying to work upstairs on those curved computer station desks is useless. Especially with major projects trying to sit together in a group of 6+. Couches are generally useless to get any practical work done. Please see the updated message associated with this suggestion. (2009-03-22)

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