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(Feb 13/09) There seems to be NO difference between silent and quiet study areas in ANY library. In fact, can someone explain why there isnt a WEBPAGE devoted to DEFINING the differences between Group, Silent and Quiet study areas? FYI, the 3rd floor of Mills is SUPPOSED to be Quiet and Silent, but RARELY ever is. In fact, just the other day you could hear a GROUP talking or discussing some project right OUTSIDE the SILENT study rooms. So logic would entail that that noise carried over into the Silent rooms and they werent silent anymore. As well, once again the library needs to CLARIFY what exactly Quiet means and what Silent means. Students are constantly bringing in their laptops into the SILENT areas and are typing up reports, chatting on messenger - THIS NEEDS TO BE PROHIBITTED NOW. It is understandable if they are VIEWING their laptop to study but logic needs to prevail here. Enough is Enough. Maybe students should just book the group rooms for silent study because we dont seem to be getting it at the Library. thank you.

Library response:

Thanks for your comment. We realize it can be very difficult to find the appropriate type of study space you seek depending on the time of term, etc. We have tried to provide a summary of the types of study space available in Mills - this can be found at

Great suggestion about providing a definition of how each space is intended to be used. We will work on this and add this information shortly. We will also look into people using laptops in the Silent Study areas. As you know the signage on these rooms prohibits the use of laptops, cell phones, etc.

It is difficult to control how students use the open areas of the library so may I suggest that you ask students who are working as a group outside a Silent Study Room to keep it down, or ask a staff member to help with this. Just like you these groups are also looking for an appropriate place to work.

As we move closer to Exam Period we will be zoning the library into more Quiet Study areas. Signs will be posted approximately a week before exams begin.

(Feb 13/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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